The model outlooks for temperatures isn't too hot for Stockholm, July 2023... It points to a cooler than average July, due to the break in of temperatures which are now about to unfold (if the prognosis holds water in the near future).


Or better said: like a classic Swedish Summer ?

The ones we have forgotten exist, and used to make up our summer up here, are not always those super sunny, steady and warm or even hot ones - but more average, a bit rainy and a bit sunny. The latest prognosis model (from 19 July) has changed much from the model made on 16, 17 and 18 July.

It still insists on unsteady, chilly weather for the remainder of July 2023. Especially the latest prognosis from 19 July, gives of a particularly chilly version.

Yet remember - these weather model calculations change for every 6 hours... behaving flip-flop like. It looks like science, but reminds me more of "we do it, because we can" - but that doesn't mean it is reliable. In short terms - yes. But beyond day 3-4: no.


Near normal this far (1-17 July)

During the first half of July 2023, it shows that July has been slightly cooler in Southern and Middle Sweden, compared to the normal of 1-17 July 1991-2020.

If we now go into a more pronounced cooler than normal period, the overall summary for July 2023 would become colder than average, too.

We shall see.



Weather Diary
South Stockholm • 15 July 2023

Waiting for the buss nearby, after having bought bread at Lidl, the sky was like totally blue - and it felt pleasant warm, with almost 25°C. It was the only time I was out in the past week.


16 July 2023

The morning was overcast and rain fell, albeit only 7.4 mm - but it felt dark indoors, I remember. With temperatures around 17-18°C, not really that cold. After the passage of the front during afternoon - it got all blue again with a temperature rise to 20-21°C.



17 July 2023

Showers were rolling in several time, but the one around 14.00 was of optically dramatic nature for a few minutes. Lightning did occur north of the city, but not in our neighborhood. The shower all moved very quickly, and we got only 3.3 mm rain.

The total for July had increased to a total of 93.2 mm (72mm being the normal average)

18 July 2023

Mostly cloudy today, but with 21°C is actually feels nice. The "good" thing about even a "chilly" July in Stockholm is - that it is still the warmest time of the year. Chilly is a relative word in this regard. So, i am not complaining.

1.3 mm rain fell today. In the mean time, it feels sweet standing at our balcony, surrounded by a wealth of flowers in red, yellow and orange. It is like an ocean of colors...



19 July 2023

Beautiful weather, with a feeling of warmth in the morning and noon. Later cloudy with small showers. Thunderstorms north of the city, and one lightning strike in the SE, but we didn't hear any thunder. 0.3 mm rain.


Next year...

i will plant out many different flower seeds, with a lot of blue nuances - so it should become very interesting. And I am try to re-plant the seeds I collected from Leti's yellow/orange flower seeds. I hope that works.


Reminding me of Monsanto/Bayer

I keep thinking of the nefarious technology by Monsanto-Bayer, which make all kinds of seeds (and grains) which you cannot use for more than one harvest (for which you must buy their chemicals, on top) But then - the seeds don't work anymore.

How sick isn't that ?!

Seeds are the origin of life on this planet. To manipulate them, so that they never grow a second time - is in my eyes, one of the most evil things one can engage into. Or in order words: It is a tech that in essence goes against everything that embodies life itself.

- 82 -