Annual Temperature Peak

We have now reached the peak of the annual temperature curve in Stockholm, which in average would be around a MAX of 23.5°C.

But it isn't.

At best it was 21.5°C, while a couple of brief showers made temperatures plunge to rather chilly levels, now between 14 and 18°C within the large surrounding area of Stockholm. In the City itself 17°C, as it does at my place in the South suburbs.

This is pretty chilly... The whole weather has been acting more in line with Scandinavian August. The end of it, with wind, rain and showers.


In the mean while...

Sal goes Yamaha, he got from a work colleague. It is the top model from 2004 - and i was surprised how amazing the sound was (of many different instruments). The Grand Piano sounds just amazing !

Since Sal does know quite a bit about notes and music, it was really interesting to listen to his attempts to get to know the multi functional instrument.

We had some really good laughs...



Sal making dinner

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