Psychological warfare (weather & climate)

Media and authorities do deliberately a lot of psychological war strategies revolving weather and climate. We all know already that when you watch weather charts in which the temperatures between 15-20°C are marked in red - then it is psychologically deliberate. We didn't used to do that before.

Now it is done to a degree that makes you wanna barf.


African continental tropical air

has moved into the realm of the Mediterranean, due to the support of a high pressure area in the middle atmosphere (850 and 500 hPa level) - and like every year when this happens, temperatures reach very high levels in regions like Spain, Italy and Greece (and Turkey).


Here comes Anna (90)

Only now it is advertised with extreme violent propaganda, as if the end of the world is nearing. And here comes Anna, living to the north of Catania in Sicily. She is 90 years of age. And what did she do yesterday ? Went to the beach in the morning.

Anna is the mother of Mary, and the grandmother of Carla and Paola.

It is a little bit like giving you the finger among all the weather super heat propaganda. Yes, it gets sometimes very hot in the Mediterranean region during July and august. It is after all, the peak of the annual temperature curve. And sometimes it gets very hot.

Nothing new on the horizon. Not really. And people who live in the region know this. Have known this since childhood.

So stay cool in your head.


42°C in Rome... 27 July 1841

They are making big fanfare about the new record in Rome with 41°C. Well no - it isn't an all time heat record at all - because that one was registered back in July 1841 with 42°C. And temperatures which occasionally reach 40°C in the capital of Italy isn't totally unheard of either.

However, the true all-time-high record in Rome, is never mentioned in today's headlines. It is all about the propaganda psychology that is being spewed upon people. Which works very well during the peak summer season, when it is - as usual - hot in Southern and Middle Europe. *rolling my eyes*


"The maximum official temperature ever recorded by any weather station in Rome Italy, was 42°C on the 27th July 1841. A cursory internet search shows temperature reaching 40°C every other Summer. Therefore another 42°C is certainly not unprecedented, and since the last was in 1841 it does not equate with any gradual increase in the last few years. It would instead indicate the peak of warming was reached there in 1841. Long before everyone drove cars or flew in airplanes. How does this fit into the scaremongering? It does not."


- 84 -