The feeling is...

however two fold.

On one hand - it is all summery out there. Flowers growing, popping, and giving the presents of red colors. You don't litterally freeze. It might be chilly - but what the heck. It is all green - and it is more summer than at any other time.

While at the same time, when i think of the air temperature last evening, around 19.00 - it felt actually cold with only 15°C. Chilly, simply spoken. Not exactly the kind of summer where you feel that you can stay outside with just a T-Shirt... no, you need a jacket.

Well, due to the unsteady, rain showers prone weather in Stockholm - the average for July 2023 is now sinking below normal.

As you can see here below, the average compared to normal (July 1991-2020) compared with the first 20 days this month. Larger areas in Sweden have now gone into a chillier mode - and i believe it will continue - here the GFS prognosis. Continuously unsteady and with MAX temperature below average.

Kind of Meh ! Our real high seasons summer this year, has been in... June 2023. With amazing long sunshine hours almost ever single day, and temperatures worth the name High Seasons summer.

Well, sometimes it happens in June. Some times it happens in July. And sometimes that happens in August. Every year, a bit different...


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