The Month of July 2023

will go to history as being average (slightly chillier -1°C than normal) here in Stockholm.

Actually, this July is more like a typical Scandinavian summer month: unsteady, sunny in the morning and noon - and then afternoon showers. There has been no real period with hot weather at all, just nice days for most of the time, and something slightly chilly mornings in the outer suburbs in particularly.

Ever since 30 June 2023, the temperatures plunged from fantastically, high season summer warm (and super sunny) - into a mess of unsteady weather, some chilly nights, lots of rain yet also plenty of sunshine. Very average, typically Scandinavian summer, with cool air masses and night temperatures more in line with the cold 80s.


Temperatures in Stockholm since 1 April 2023

Here you see how the temperature curve has been in Stockholm since 1 April 2023, and attached are of course July 2023, as well 2 weeks prognosis (which shouldn't be taken too seriously). But it gives you a clear image, of how sudden the temperatures went down considerably with start of July.

Falling averages

Which I expected already after seeing a new pattern developing in the beginning of July, that it would likely turn out being colder than normal.

Below you see the total average over Sweden 1-27 July 2023 compared to climate normal (1991-2020). The blue areas have increased over Sweden, gotten "darker" blue, which means the average for July has fallen lately - now being between 1 to 2°C below normal average.

While the "Rest of the World" goes hysteria in media about the warmth. Especially Germany is going insanely totally nuts in the propaganda. Albeit their hot days (which is normal) - but those didn't really last very long. The other morning South Germany woke up to temperatures being around 6 - 10°C. Which is COLD.


Sicily 47-48°C.

Sicily on the other hand got days up to 48°C, including Catania with up to 47°C. And it has happened before. If you actually look at the history of temperatures in Sicily... Which is very close to Africa. So yeah, you do get heat which sometimes goes into extremes. Same goes for Sardinia, and Spain. Both too, close to Africa...

That's is exactly what you can get, living near Africa, and when air suddenly swoops into Southern Europe... it creates crazy temperatures.

Tell me something that is new...


Psychological Weather Terror

Here you see how fierce things are in Germany. The psychology how to represent weather, has gotten absolutely crazy down there. While 2 mornings, in the southern parts of Germany, people woke up with a temperature of mere 6°C, and large parts of the country only 10°C. Which is really low for this time of the year. Remember, that the annual temperature curve peaks now in the end of July !!!

Most outlets now represent temperatures between 20-24°C in red. Which is so silly. High up in the north, Stockholm 20°C in the end of July, would be below normal, just saying... So, it should be represented as coolish green, and not frikkin' red.

The normal average MAX temperature this time of the year in Stockholm, lies around 24°C ! Today, it barely reached 18°C.

A matter of psychology: German weather year 2017 vs 2022


Deeply corrupted Guterres

secretary-general of the United Nations, wobbly fat as he is from all the shit he eats, told us yesterday, that "the time of Climate Change is over. And we are now going into the Era of Climate Cooking".

Clown !

Jeezas, these folks are barfing so much shit out of their corrupted asses; further accelerating the hyper inflation of BULLSHIT ™ to a whole new level. Grossly overweight pig-like dude, flying around in private jets, Preaching water to the people, while drinking wine and eating caviar, huh ?

A big fat, oversized dildo is what that man deserves for desert and a job in a normal, ACTUALLY PRODUCING job - in order to remind him - what it is like to be human. All that man has done in his life, is to suck up, speak BS, and taking bribes, getting served - and eating waaay too much.

Yet. He is just another puppet that fits the purpose of those unknown deep behind. Real Power, is never ever truly where you expect it to be.

Guterres is just another overfed goy.


Rome 2.0

Reminds me also of German "360-Degree turnaround" Foreign Minister Baerbock, which spends 137.000 € for hair dressing from taxpayers money annually. We are nurturing the most ego fixated people...

What a frikkin' Green Party...


Most leading politicians

fuck you all day and night long (via their channels and under puppets) - and give a rats ass about common people. That is reality. Regardless face or hairdressing.

One day, we have to return to common sense, humility and wise discernment - combined with well balanced judgment, vision and vigilant BS filter - yet open to discuss different angles, perspectives and opinions.

- 87 -