Quite the action... but not in my area

Yesterday we had powerful thunderstorms over the Stockholm region - which especially right to the north, and area between Täby - Djursholm - Lidingö, resulted into huge amounts of rainfall. A private station registered a total of 89.6 mm - from which 50 mm fell in less than an hour. I have no reports of damages from the area north of Stockholm, though.


It is a huge amount of water - if that private station showed correct rain amounts !

I am sure they had local problems in the area. When you get 100 mm rainfall within a short time - it has always caused major problems in Stockholm. I remember from the few times it happened - for example at the crossing at Nynäsvägen Highway near Blåsut station, it got flooded with water, up to a half meter depth.

The official meteorological station grid on the other hand, did not capture these large of rain over Stockholm. The closest they registered was a mere 15.7 mm over Adelsö, located to the west of Stockholm within the Mälaren lake.

Bah !


We only got 1.5 mm rain. But the loudest boom ever !

Here in Rågsved-Snösätra, not much came down. Only 1.5 mm rain and at one time, around 14:30 - a lightning strike with tremendous loud thunder appeared. I almost froze from the extreme sound - as i was just standing in the door frame at our balcony, thinking about lightning and what if... and then KA-BOOM. You can spot its location below in where i placed the arrow.

It was probably one of the loudest sounds I have ever heard in my life.

Most of the action however, did not take place in my area, but in the north, concentrated right north of the city around Täby - see illustration below.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport was closed for a while, as a strong thunderstorm front went though - making many planes circle for almost an hour. Some planes were 2 hours delayed, a few others diverted to other places like Oslo, and Stockholm - Skavsta.

Also Bromma (City) airport was closed for a while.

Several hours later - more thunderstorms

i think it was around 19.00 - another cell / thunderstorm front developed and passed with rain and lightning over Stockholm. But I was already in bed in the evening - (as i never went to bed after I came home from work in the morning).

Over our area, no measurable rain came down. A few strikes may have appeared over our area, but the main focus was west of Stockholm - and when that cell weakened, a new cell spun up right over the City instead.

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