On the last day of July 2023, already early morning around 08.00 - new thunderstorm cells are approaching the capital of Sweden - coming in from southeast. It appears to be the most lightning intensive thunderstorm area of Europe in this moment, with already 1100+ strikes.

Sounds to me like a developing storm.


Darker skies already

I can tell by the darkness in the sky that has been going on for a quite a while - that something is coming in. A few drops of rain has fallen, but the main cells are not here yet. Well, let's see where this is going. Or of it just fizzles all out ? That tends to happen in Stockholm, more often than not.

In the illustration below, you see the active thunderstorms / lightning strikes active over Europe. The one outside of Stockholm is the most active right now.


08:37 - rain is starting to fall. The sweet sound of summer rain coming from beginning showers. Ah - what a delight... We are entering the "rot month" as well the moist summer month - which in average often means showers, thunderstorms and torrential rainfalls (sometimes). A time filled with action.

Well, sometimes not.


Rolling Thunder

09:00 - The thunder it is now audible in the distance, like a rolling thunderous soul. Not loud, but it is there in the background. While the sky unfortunately doesn't show dramatic features. It is all gray in gray. The lightning strikes have increased to a total of 1800+ way more active than any other T-storm cells over Europe. (There aren't many yet, this early in the morning)

Here are a few images from the weather sky since midnight:





Rumbling very well

09:40 • The thunderstorms past by just east of my location in Southern Stockholm, moving northwards. The rumbling is almost constant right now, while it is raining. The total of lightning strikes has increased to 2500+ and remains to be the most lightning intense area of Europe.

The thunder has an interesting pitch sometimes. Like thunder through a pipe - that kind of sound... It is also very dark outside. So dark, that you need light indoors. Kind of winter time light... very dull gray.

09:46 • Powerful lightning strike, right nearby where we live. Between lightning and thunder only a second passed !!

I also happen to have it on tape... (recording). I'll put it out here later.

The big bang overhead, comes after 1 min 1 sec


Nope. Not now...

I guess it is not the right time to go to the post office now *LOL*


The rumbling and thunder we hear this morning

is actually more lively, louder and closer - compared to yesterday's thunderstorms, where we didn't really hear much - except that single strike overhead of our location, which almost blew my ears. Or, so it felt.


More than 3500 lightning strikes

10:35 • And with that, still the most of all over Europe. But others are starting to gear up... Here in my area, it has become calmer, and the skies get lighter. I can still hear occasional thunder rolling though the air - but the main actions is over for now.

Also the rain has stopped, bringing July 2023 up to total of 115.3 mm rain. Way over the normal 72 mm for a July month.

- 91 -