When i look at the temperature in Britain, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway... there isn't much summer to speak of. More in line with early autumn, already during the last days of July, as well today on the first day of August...

I noticed for example that this mornings MIN temperatures in Europe, those higher than 20°C (so called "tropical nights"), were mainly left only around the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Which resembles a situation more in line with what you expect in the end of September, beginning of October, not on 1 August !

Even Catania on the east coast of Sicily, dipped below 20°C, with just 19°C early morning. I experienced such MIN temperatures in the beginning of October...


Chilly outlook for August, too

The outlook for Stockholm doesn't exactly spell high season summer. Rather autumn... While we are at the peak of the annual temperature curve... You can see very clearly that the temperature are far away from any "boiling point". The expression for "boiling" in itself is beyond flawed from the viewpoint of climate, weather and temperatures in general.

Clown Show

Then the overweight, deeply corrupted asshole at the UN, speaks of "The era of Climate Change has ended. The Era of "Climate Boiling is here".

What on earth did that guy smoke ?


C-Movie Climate Theme

I mean... my thought is - how can you even go that far in that clown show ? It's is like watching a C-Movie nowadays, because B-Movie really doesn't cut it anymore - it's that bad, beyond any free science remaining, outside of the large umbrella of corruption.



Yesterday's rain: 23.1 mm

Was at times pretty intense - as several pretty lively showers and thunderstorms passed through. Here at Snösätra, a total of 23.1 mm were registered - which brought the total for July to 129.7 mm. The normal average for July is 72 mm in Stockholm - so we were well above that.


July Sunshine in Stockholm: 286.2 hours

We got a very typical average amount of sunshine last month, and made it to 9.23 hours per day. Which isn't bad at all given how unsteady the weather has been - it also was pretty sunny many times. Overall more sunshine than July in recent years:

July 2019 (9.10 hrs)
July 2020 (8.89 hrs)
July 2022 (8.71 hrs)

but less then 2021 (11.60 hrs)

The sun is the primary driver of climate

In general you can also see something else: The sun shines MUCH MORE in Stockholm compared to 40 years ago. (1983, 1984 were very, very poor sunshine years)

More sunshine hours, means more energy reaching the surface ! With that - you get a general temperature rise as well. After all - the sun is responsible for being the PRIMARY energy source when it comes to the climate (and life) of our planet. CO2 is the food for almost all plants. Without it, or too little - photosynthesis stops, and so does plant life.


The whores of our life: (Selling themselves for money)

To "fight against CO2" is by far one of the most stupid themes ever created. And every fuck is in on it; our worst suspects such as politicians, media, authorities... and companies of course. Selling themselves for money, and telling what their givers wants them to tell to the people.

Anything goes.

You see and hear it everywhere. The company i work for, ain't no different... Same CO2 business and BS phrases lively outlined and parroted via LCD screens and prints.


Annual Sunshine hours in Stockholm

It should be pretty clear, who is on top: The sun is. And when the output is stronger due to more sunshine hours - the temperature also gets affected. The warming isn't man made. Below you see that 1983 and 1984 were very sunshine poor years, with a total of down to 1384 hours.

Then, very quickly, towards year 1994 - the annual sunshine in Stockholm rose from 1500 to 2000 hours and this happened from there on more often (except the poor year of 1998)

- 93 -