"Don't look up!
(Keep busy with BS)

It's a sad state of affairs. They keep us busy, so that we don't wake up, don't look up, don't look ahead of what else awaits for humanity in the next 25-30 years... Until it hits us "out of the blue" and the world may not be like anything we known under our lifetimes. Somewhere 2040-47...


But who knows such things ? (We don't for sure yet).

Albeit it is good to keep watch out for the signs in the sky. (The ancients did it - and many of the oldest cultures around the world we know of, spoke of it. The Mayas, the Hopi Indians, etc.


Beyond the collective memory...

It also explains to me a little bit of the following: now that I am older - i remember from my childhood, when I read about the recent past - that when a comet rose in the sky, quite many people saw this as a bad omen.

But I didn't understand why that would be - only registered that it was associated with danger and "end of the world" kind of stuff. Later when i got more interested into Astronomy, I smiled for myself, thinking - Oh, that's just rubbish. Comets don't fall to earth. You know, most people react that way; It's just rubbish... Comets are beautiful to look at.

But there is no danger. Is there ?

There seem to be a collective memory in humanity, which deep down inside, passed on for centuries, that Comets are the bringers of evil and death. Somewhere along a long line in the human collective memory, are catastrophic events stored...

And this may explain, why people around 200-300 years ago, still associated comets as a bad omen, with a deep sense of danger (even if in recent times, there were no events we know of causing any trouble on earth).


Manipulation of Time & Events

Yet, we don't have to go that far back in time, in order to see that it was only 680 years ago, the population of Europe was vastly decimated.... And it wasn't the first time in the past 2500 years this had happened. Due to cosmic events; cometary bombardments, decimating large parts of Europe (and in other places). The events between 1338 - 1365 we know of go under the name of "Black Plaque" - but doesn't give us the whole story, what went on. We blamed the rats for a plaque. Iceland who didn't had any rats before in the 18 century, also got wiped by the "plaque". A strand of pestilence, which decimated the people of Norway in them middle of cold winter - albeit the pestilence bacterium doesn't thrive below 6°C and above 26°C. How strange... no ?

That's the unfortunate official narrative.

This is also how memories and common knowledge got largely wiped out, in favor for the rulers from a time, in which their had their own agendas; the motives that suited and favored them them best, where those who got written down. But that doesn't tell the truth, of how things really unfolded...


Cyclical cataclysms they don't want us to know about.

We are let to believe that such things only happens once in a 100 million years when a comet or large meteorite smashes down on earth. The system and it's narratives, systematically bury evidence of many great cataclysms which repeatedly have occurred in much shorter intervals.

A major one was 12800 years ago. Flash frozen Mammoths which had up to 40 subtropical plants in their stomach from the numerous findings around Siberia in the past 80-110 years. Why would a "polar woolly mammoth" have subtropical plants in their stomach ?!

Yeah. Maybe because they didn't really have that much hair like in the Hollywood and Smithsonian Institute illustrations... The "woolly" mammoth did not live in ice cold polar regions. Because the regions that today are deeply polar - were not polar regions more than 13000 years ago.

Bam !


They lived in a warm temperature environment !

They were animals who lived in a warm temperated climate. And within hours, they got flash frozen, still with fresh plats in their stomach, as they got dug up.

Imagine that for a moment... the forces that came to be, causing that. It was a wide death phenomena on the northern hemisphere... only a mere 12.800 years ago.

"Lesser" events happened more recently like 680 years ago, when whole cities where wiped out. Historians tell a story of war. But war looks different compared to a cometary bombardment that wiped out whole cities with "rains of fire from the skies" while others cities got unharmed. These events are numerous. You only have to look into the past 2500 years to find many strange events of that kind...


How much are 680 years ?

If you are let's say 60 years of age, multiply your life and memories by 11-12 times. Then you are there... in a time of 680 years ago. Suddenly, while still a very long time - it also isn't truly that long time ago.


12.800 years ago

There is a layer around the northern Hemisphere, that is mainly made up of organic material. Millions of animals died a sudden, crushing death. Turning into a special layer of dense soil, around the northern hemisphere... One wonders, what on earth, really happened.

Another cataclysm happened 800-900 years later, around 11900 years ago - which let the sea levels rise by more than 50-60 meter (until it reached 100-120 meter later) and later started to stabilize (today). Temperatures soared to levels much warmer than today. The tree boundary in Scandinavia, was 800 meter higher than it is today (!). The climate was 2-3°C warmer than it is today.

It also tells you about the BS of today, about "global warming" and "climate change" and the CO2 BS we are being indoctrinated. Back then 8-9000 years ago, when the climate was 2-3°C warmer in Scandinavia... did they drive cars, had vast industries around the world, burning charcoal and "fossil" fuels ?!


"Black Death" - The Cosmic Connection

Another time of world wide events occurred in many places of the world during the time of 1335-1365, but was told as being "The black Plaque". Ignoring the evidence of that all over the world during that time, humanity was in a very dark age due to Cometary bombardments.

Justinian "Plaque" 541-542 (?) was another event which originated from cometary bombardment over Europe, and lead to the Fall of Rome and the Roman Empire, plunging Europe into the Dark Ages. While hundreds of years of "history" where fake-inserted into our "time line". In reality, too many people died and struggled for hundreds of years for survival. They barely made any notes during that time. So, history was being rewritten by those who ruled the lands. Bakery was more the norm that it was not.

Rome was almost abandoned, because not many people survived the upheavals in the city. It was almost abandoned other than a few thousand people left. That is a telling story about what happened in Italy back then...

The many stories of "How sky, land, animals and men burned", "fire rain", "stone falling from the sky", and "Dragons" (China), "yellow fog which killed everything in its way" (Ireland). The tales, illustrations and historical stories are many. But kept buried, and away from people's minds, misinterpret and put in a way, that benefit the current rulers narrative.

Sounds familiar ?




There are NO coincidences in politics !

with BS, 2001, 2020, 2023. Artificial crisis, False flag Terror events, induced deliberate immigrations, fake Plandemic, and long-time planned and executed wars, false Democracy and Voting games.

Blame the boogeyman. Blame the Russians. Oh man, it's always the "Russians". I remember somewhere in mid 2005, when all of the sudden in movies, Russians were the bad guys again. Because the take over of Russia via Western induced Oligarchs failed (in the 90s). While the land was in a very poor state - Putin turned around the ship after 2000. And so, the movies started to outline the Russians as a bad guys again, like it was pictured in the cold war. Surprise. Not.

In the mean time of today, market for human body parts from living children and injured soldiers goes beyond rampant in the 'democratic' Ukraine. The democracy we have to save. Like the US saved many other countries, bringing freedom. Instead they brought tremendous amounts of death and destruction to i don't know how many countries.

And we - let us rule by psychopaths puppets, telling us they are the brings of freedom and democracy.


Preaching water, while drinking wine.

Well, we are starting to see the consequences even in Europe now: Psychopaths and Ego maniacs ruling the lands, though deeply corrupted politicians like EU's von der Leyen who orders via SMS 1.8 billion genetic altering, partially lethal jabs for EU citizens - with people's tax money. Then erases the SMS she held with Pfizer, and then "can't remember" the details or numbers.

It is one of those many "What the fuck Moments" (TM)

UN's Gutérres nonsensical speeches about the Climate Boiling without true contents, evidence or common sense.

WHO Director General "Dr" Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is a known terrorist in his own country responsible for several thousands deaths he was responsible for in Ethiopia - now forcing countries into letting the WHO becoming to be (via a special treaty in 2024) becoming a leading authority in the world over everything regarding "health and climate related", and all the member states have to follow. the (Bill Gates) WHO is a PRIVATE ORGANISATION !

It now wants to be the executive power over everything heath related in the world for both humans and animals and climate related. Imagine that.... without democratic insight in the decision making or what it actually is based on in terms of evaluation of diseases. The WHO is the primary Big Pharma puppet - doing the work of of their "sponsors" - by taking over the sovereignty of all member states if that Pandemic Treaty is being signed in 2024.

There is 0% democracy or honesty involved. The Science (TM) they force onto the world, is fraudulent based at best, especially since the days of the Corona Plandemic, in which the (Bill Gates) WHO played a dominating roll.

In other words; another "What the fuck Moment" (TM)

Then we got coward NATO boss puppet, Jens Stoltenberg, really deserves the name of a puppet, held on a string to play Ombudsman Prostitute to the US (and its hidden masters, who rule the US), in order to maintain a major accelerating War in the heart of Europe.

Peace now considered to be a shame word. War and weapons is everything. Their Orwellian speak is now the new Normal.


Puppy-doll rulers like German Scholz

(involved in billion dollar scandal, the so called Cum-ex affair) who doesn't remember any details about it (and thereby is spoken free from guilt), while letting the Nord Stream pipeline being blown up without a word creating a total damage due to the consequences in the economy of Germany, for around 1 Trillion Euro ! The act was a War act against Germany. Plus that the US most likely used a mini-nuke in Southern Scandinavia to blow up the pipelines outside of Denmark & Sweden.

Children book author (market & energy) minister Habeck and Brainless Green barbie Baerbock, who makes "360 degree turnarounds" (instead of 180°) and barely can speak correctly German nor English.

All together with an endless parade other German spineless, ego centric oriented ministers and politicians, who overwhelmingly act under the mission, following the hidden hand of their masters; to fulfill the destruction of Germany. Psychopaths and Sociopath do things like that, while giving a rats ass about the consequences. We get constantly brain-fucked by every hour.

And we have been there before, haven't we ?

Like in god ol' Rome.



Getting familiar

So all this drama we see on the world stage - is literally an endless drama - which makes the people stay busy. In the mean time, a whole set of other processes appear to be moving, revolving earth and the future 30+ years of what seems to unfold - into another cyclical cataclysm. It may explain why crazy has gotten hyper crazy here on earth. Kind of like "the moments before the storm".

It ensures that the powers can work in peace behind the scenes, extract huge amounts of wealth, money and resources in the hidden - for the survival of some kind of elite humanity, which the sociopaths choose. It reminds me a little bit of the movie "2012" with a few parallels.


It isn't about scare mongering.

It is about to get familiar with the subject of cyclical cataclysms in our times, so that you aren't totally unaware of the life you live: the presence of being, and the reasons why things have become so totally out of alignment in society around the world, its politics, artificial created Pandemics, wars and the upside down "values" in terms of right and wrong, family vs gender bender BS. And all the other wicked stuff, like putting humanity into some sort of artificial intelligence network, and so on...

There is a reason behind all of that.

It is secretly "guided" by the powers to be who steal from humanity. (and always have done so) How else do you take away trillions of dollars, in order to built "survival bunkers and cities" (for a restart of humanity, when the shit hits the fan, according THEIR selection) in many places around the world ? Kept in secret of course. And that cost's too.


Politicians are the Hollywood actors

Cake, Games and BS to the people. And genetic jabs nobody truly asked for, more taxes, more scarcity in food, and more CO2 bullshit, more wars, supported by false prophet Greta (being some sort of IKEA to rest of the world) - who can "see CO2", as her paid off mother claimed, she can do. And now her recent thing was "we need to save the banks, in order to save the word".

Yeah the banks. High finance... For how many centuries has the High Finance ruled the earth now ? Or should I call it the "Iron Bank", like in the Game of Thrones ?

There are powers working behind the scenes, to make sure that we do not to think, don't to look up, and keep busy at all times, at all costs - to stay blind.

Those behind the official power, are the kind of powers we don't know their names of. (The power is never where you expect it to be). And yet, they know exactly that CO2 is BS - but a tool to be used. A psychological-economical tool of extreme magnitude (While we with the label of "Eco" tools, destroy the world further; e.g. electrical cars, wind turbines on a large scale and biomass and everything else that goes under the label "Eco", but has not much to do with really responsible balances. We yell CO2 is bas, while "inventing" tools "against" it, that are endlessly worse for our environment.

And that is the major problem i see, in today's "politics" - which to me are nothing else than TICKS and LIES.


CO2 is your last of all concerns

- being the gas of life. It is actually that simple. Stop CO2 - you stop life. Plants depend on it. Also, that is very simple. So, I piss on the grave of all CO2 idiots and companies who proclaim that CO2 is a dangerous gas.

They do not know what they are taking about, and don't seem to even understand how plants nor Photosynthesis work. Gosh, it is so sad, I have no words. All that extreme western hysteria, while the trillions of dollar are running out of the pockets via tax and prices for the sake of "sustainability" - which in reality, is nothing else than pure bullshit, and does the opposite; destroying societies, economies and driving the west into the abyss.

All that bullshit, makes us blind. Meant to for us to stay busy, fearful and blind.

While all the money in reality, goes to the high finance elites. The corrupted ones. And we... we suck it all up, doing the dirty work, and praying to false Gods like Greta, Gore and endlessly other idiotic politicians and phew... celebrities.

Fuck you so much.

- 95 -