When i listen outside of our balcony, there is this howling wind in the air. The kind of sound which i associate with September, before Autumn starts to go into full swing soon after. These very first kind of sounds... where the leafs make more noise than usual, the very first sign of a change to come... is told by the sound of the wind.

After the winds, showers emerged over Stockholm, and it is once again chilly for this time of the year, with temperatures quickly falling below 20°C. Normal MAX for this time of the year would the 23°C - but we rarely reach that...

The night are pretty much average mild, because of the clouds and the lack of arctic air - so they are between 13-17°C.




Rain Records from July 2023

text by SMHI

300+ mm rainfall

in July is some kind of iconic threshold in Swedish meteorology. There are only a handful of such cases in Swedish weather history. This July 2023, however, Mollsjönäs in Västergötland reached 303.7 mm, making it the seventh highest July amount ever recorded in Sweden.


The Mollsjönäs station has a special location

where large amounts of total rainfall can fall. Especially during periods with moist westerly to south-westerly winds as we had during this year's July. Mollsjönäs also holds the current Swedish record for highest annual precipitation, 1865.9 mm in 2008.

Mollsjönäs July precipitation ranks seventh in the statistics. Only six times have larger monthly amounts been measured in July in Sweden.

• 333.5 mm Baramossa (Halland) July 2007
• 333.3 mm Bäckaskog (Skåne) July 1959
• 332.2 mm Havraryd (Halland) July 1933
• 332.0 mm Hattsjöbäcken (Ångermanland) July 2009
• 326.0 mm Fagerheden (Norrbotten) July 1997
• 310.2 mm Höglekardalen (Jämtland) July 2000

Record rainy July 2023 also in Denmark

With the moist south-west winds in July, a lot of rain also fell over Denmark. The Danish weather service (DMI) reports that July 2023 was the wettest July on a national basis since records began in 1874. The previous wettest month was July 1931.




Interesting weather development unfolding...

The terrible V-shaped thunderstorms complexes over Northern Italy, especially over Croatia and Slovenia, when more than 200+ mm got dumped down in the capital city of Ljubljana - is part of a development, which will affect Scandinavia very soon.

This cold front swooped deeply all the way down to Sicily - a development which creates a counteracting movement; in which hot air starts to move northwards over East Europe, with up to 35°C

It will reach the Baltic states with temperatures ranging between 30-34°C on Sunday, while on Monday also Finland gets a share of it, up to 31°C.

But that only lasts one single day...

Sunday, 5 Aug 3023 • Prognosis of MAX temperatures

Monday, 6 Aug 3023 • Prognosis of MAX temperatures

Tuesday, 7 Aug 3023 • Prognosis of MAX temperatures

27°C during a short time - collapsing into 14°C day after

Stockholm together with the surrounding area,will on Monday 7th, experience rain and thunderstorms, marking the entrance of a warm front. Shortly after a cold/occlusion front passing in the evening with more rain - the Stockholm-Uppsala will for a short while be within the warm air sector of an intense developing low pressure area (down to 978 hPa), which might allow the temperatures between Stockholm and Uppsala reach 27°C. Over Southern Sweden very high wind speeds are expected during Tuesday 7 Aug 2023 up to 100 km/h at the most.

Also on Tuesday, high temperatures are expected in the extreme north of Norway, Finland and Nordkap (Continetal Europe's most northern point) as the warm air sector moves northwards towards the North Coast of Scandinavia. It must feel unique there... to enjoy such sudden warm temperatures - for one single day.

While Stockholm, especially western and southern Sweden might get very low daytime temperatures around 9-15°C (!) only, together gusty winds, overcast, rainy weather. In some regions in western middle Sweden, high amounts of rain are expected...

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