One of the balcony longish flower pot - basically all red flowers are gone, as they rot in the rain that has been falling in the past weeks (combined with too little sun). I may come up with a solution next year, by protecting them with an umbrella when we know that it is raining too much.

So, there aren't many flowers left. What a change within only 1-2 weeks. The other orange flowers are doing just fine - so there are still plenty of colors left.

There were at least 20 big red bulbs of flowers - now i had to cut most of them, due to mold. On 1 July, they still hadn't unfolded - but did so just 2 weeks after. And from there... well it went down the drain. OF course I have to remember, once they stand in full bloom - well, they go down afterwards. If rain cames along, they usually look ugly and start to rot quickly.

I decided to cut most of them off, together with a lot of molding and yellowing leafs. It reminds me of late September, when they start to rot anyway, when there there isn't lots of sunshine.

Unfortunately i never made any photos, when the flowers were at their best this year. So, i add earlier summer photos to it, so you can see, how grand the can be when the weather is favorable.


158 mm rain in 5 weeks

After all... since 1 July 2023, a whopping 158 mm rain have fallen. Way more than the normal average. Around 150-200% more than normal.



Earlier years

Taken during summer 2020 and 2022



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