A half hour before sunset (which is around 21.04), it feels like we are in the first week of October. The type of "mild" weather with overcast, fast moving clouds, 16-17°C (which it would be very mild for the beginning of October) and those constant wind gusts moving loudly though the trees.

That is exactly the weather he have right now. Only with the difference, that we are in beginning of August !

A warm front made it arrival known early this morning, with the appearance of a halo, indicating the presence of ice crystals in high clouds which typically precedes a warm front...


An unusual weather situation has unfolded

albeit not because Swedish Media writes so with dramatic headlines - but because the low pressure for this time of the year moves in an unusual pattern, and is about to develop unusually strong. The warm front brings moves a broad stream of warm air towards north, and in our region towards northwest.

Here in the evening, the warm front has passed Stockholm, but there are plenty of rain and thunderstorm bands over Southern Sweden, especially in the western parts. A line of thunderstorms have developed between Kalmar in the South, and the island of Gotland, moving towards the NW. It's tail will likely affect Stockholm before midnight... (illustration below). It would be cool, to watch a second night of thunderstorms this year :-)

Notice the high temperatures in the Baltic area to the east compared to the chilly west:

The temperatures you see both above and below, are measured from the time of 17:00 - while the satellite chart (clouds) were made later, at around 19:24


More autumn like patterns

The weather situation is unusual because it is such a vigorous system covering and affecting large parts of Europe. This type of weather scenario isn't so common in the beginning of August, where you often still encounter calm weather developments. The above situation is more common for typical autumn like in September.

If you wonder where I got this from - it is my interpretation.

Boy the winds are really audible... the rousing noise through the leafs. I find that fascinating. Together with the darkness outside, while the sun still hasn't set yet, as i write these lines around 20:44


Rainiest July in Denmark

Well sooner than later, we will be in autumn up here in Scandinavia - unless a new kind of weather pattern establishes that could prolong summer... So far, ever since 30 June, low pressure areas have had their seats of Scandinavia... with rainy, unsteady and chilly weather - and a lot more rain than normal. Even Denmark reported it's rainiest July since they started observations back in 1870 something.



We hear the first thunderstorms approaching from the sea. Didn't see the lightning, but heard the thunder. Ah, night thunderstorms are so exotic in Stockholm (in my opinion). It's really not that often you get to experience those. Yet, August is often the best month in Stockholm to experience them.



Most of the lightning appears to be high up in the clouds. I only experienced one very close strike with big thunder. The rest was more or less frequent light fluttering with not that loud thunder... Sometimes when a big flash came, i expected very loud thunder right after... but it didn't.

So, the lightning must have been much higher up in the clouds...



everything already over

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