It was a very brief, medium strong thunderstorm passing though - which didn't really last long. A mere 2,8 mm rain came down. Curiously, the lightning didn't last - even after it had passed, i thought I would see the ones that where passing the city - but it was like one big empty... no lightning, nothing.

Oh well.

Notice how quickly the warm front thunderstorms moved / passed over Stockholm. In less than an half hour they already reached Arlanda Internation Airport and Uppsala to the north of Stockholm City.


Temperatures are rising

I find it fascinating to watch, how the temperatures after the warm front are rising in the middle of the night. The station Farösund, the northern Tip of Gotland island (in the Baltic Sea) is reporting a whopping 23.6 at the most °C (23.00). That is a kind of "tropical night"... sort of. However, rain has already entered the southern part of the island.


Even here in Stockholm, the temperatures are rising every so slightly. After having been around 16°C in the afternoon, they reached 19°C around midnight. Which makes this night, a very mild night, especially if it lasts until sunrise.



22.30 - a small T-storm

After that lightning and rumbling stopped an hour ago, i hear distant thunder once again. I assume it is a small cell that is growing near by, since the sounds are increasing - yet the activity is not very high, really. It will likely move like everything else to the NW while developing further, joing the crowd "up there".

Ah, the updated radar images now shows the cell indeed got lightning stikes registered (second illustration below)


Lively weather activity over Southern & Middle Sweden

From the radar image below, covering a larger part of Southern and Middle Sweden, you can see that it is pretty lively. Three marked rainbands with thunderstorms reside over our country...

The second part which lies over Southern Gotland island, might play a roll for Stockholm later - but i am not sure, how they will 1) move and 2) develop along the next 6 hours. Maybe they rotate and shift into a more westward motion (later) ? Or maybe that tail is in the right position with the entire rotation of the low pressure are over Southern Sweden - rotating in over Stockholm in 4-7 hours ?


Other Weather illustrations


The warm air package over East Europe

Just to illustrated how warm air is moving to the northeast over East Europe. Albeit, the temperatures are in truth based on a model, not observations. That is very typical for today's digital world and weather apps, that almost everything is based on ASSUMPTIONS - in better words: on created models, not reality.

Sure, they can match reality, but they also divert from reality. But we have gotten so used to think that what the apps shows us, is reality.

It is not. It is a simulation. Therefore it easily masks real reality and model errors.

Anyway, the simulation gives a good image of the temperature differences, as well outlining the bulging "package" of warm air over East Europe. On top, i changed the coloration a bit, because the original colors are too "warm", for example over West Europe. The temperatures there are far below normal, and therefor i make them look cooler, trying to represent them as more adequate for this time of the year being too cold.

I mean large parts of UK had 15-16°C - and that is clerly way below normal temperatures in the beginning of August. Also France has much colder temperatures.

Speaking of that.


Unusual snow in the mountains

The Pyrenees between France and Spain, as well the Dolomites in Northern Italy, reported snow fall. This is extremely unusual / early for this time of the year. Quite extra ordinary.

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