Tropical type of early morning

With temperatures above 20°C, already approaching 22-23°C in Stockholm - at the same level like East Sicily (Catania), Rome, and Lisbon and Madrid.

Way colder, are London with a mere 10°C, and Paris with 12°C, and Warsaw 14°C. Parts of central France went down down to +6°C only. Being at the very peak of Summer now - that is a remarkably low value.


Several more rain showers & Thunderstorms

developed over or near Stockholm on their way from SE to NW, in over land where they grew further. It added a couple of mm to my rain meter, but stayed overall since midnight at 12.7 mm, or 49 mm since 1 August 2023.

Other parts of Sweden received much more. A station nearby Helsingborg, (Southwest Sweden) where Daniel lies nowadays, received a whopping 75 mm within 24 hours. Helsinborg itself got 52,1 mm.

More get added as the low pressure area and its complex rain and thunderstorms develop further in the next 2-3 days.


Here comes "Hans"
*oh boy, really ?!*

Also Norway is under a broad field of rain covering half of the country - but I don't have any numbers of how much rain has fallen there. The funny Norwegians, gave the cyclone a name: "Hans". To make things more dramatico. As do the newspapers.

Frankly, I am not sure if "Hans" truly deserves a name, given that summer does sometimes create tremendous amounts of rain within a short time. "Hans" doesn't really fit the bill (yet or this far) - and the max amounts of rainfall within Sweden with 75 mm (Baramossa 74,8 mm) is nothing to write home about (even if that is a very respectable amount of water within 1 day ! You feel such things, when you live in a place where that much rain comes down. Yet, at the same time, it is not unusual in any way to produce 74 mm within 24 hours during summer time).

Hudiksvall registered 68,9 mm between 6 Aug 2023, 08.00 and today 7 Aug 2012 until 08.00

Instead I would say... what has come down in let's say 4 days, when you count together 5-6 days ? Then we might see large amounts that are worth to wrote home about. But we are not there yet.


Within the warm air sector

We are indeed within the warm air sector of the cyclone in the south. Along the cold front, you can spot that new showers and thunderstorms are starting up - but there is also a gap without any showers over the Baltic sea.


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