We have now passed the normal average rainfall for August in Stockholm, which according to the newer climate period 1991-2020, is around 66 mm.


100% rain reached in only 10 days

We reached 66.8 mm rain in Snösätra in just 10 days. Which means, August 2023 will be way wetter than normal, as July 2023 did too.

Kind of strange to experience such low temperatures like 13-14°C. It feels literally as if we were in the end of third week of September. It isn't just the feeling, but that is actually the average MAX temperature you get in the end of the third week in September...(in average).

The winds have abated. Earlier it sounded even more like middle of autumn because of all the noise coming from the wind swooping though the trees.


Much worse in middle Sweden, and Norway

That low pressure area, they called "Hans", created much more rainfalls in other areas of Sweden, such as Southeast Sweden, Middle Sweden, and Norway. Several stations in Sweden have gotten more than 120+ mm rain after a couple of days. One station in Hälsingland, got a new record of 338 mm after only 9 days in this August 2023.


August: The peak of rain showers

So, yeah - such numbers are indeed something to write home about. Because the rain accumulated over several days to very high amounts in certain parts of Scandinavia. Here in Stockholm - it was really nothing special about. Even if we are already at 100% normal rain for August in Stockholm - it isn't really unusual that this happens - because August is after all, the peak month for rain showers. Most often the atmosphere is saturated with moisture.


My flowers

look as if it would be second week in October - kind of partially rotten and beaten up. That much they have degraded from all the rain. Our balcony has no protection - so all rain falls onto the flowers. There are however some plants and flowers that are more resistant than my Geranium flowers. And they are doing OK so far.

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