What strikes me is...

How "small" the lens actually is despite its extreme bright ƒ 1.2 aperture. Normally lenses are a lot bigger. If Canon ever would make a 28mm f 1.2 lens - it would be huge. (Well, it also would have AF of course).

I mean, it is not a small-small lens - and yet it is a 'small'-ish lens in my opinion. Especially compared to the much bigger Leica Vario-Summilux DG 10-25/1.7 ASPH for example (for micro four thirds cameras) Or the Canon RF 50/1.2 L on a Canon fullframe camera.

Usually extreme bright lenses tend to be big ! Except perhaps for Leica M lenses, such as the still small Summilux-M 28/1.4 ASPH lens. I think the Lowa Argus 28/1.2 plays in the size ballpark similar to that of Summilux-M 21 and 24/1.4 ASPH lenses.

The laowa Argus 28/1.2 fits beautifully on a Canon R6, which in itself is a camera smaller than what we were used to years ago, when they had a flapping mirror inside.

I love this lens. I can't help it.

It is one of a kind !!!


The rendering style

It has exactly that kind of rendering style i absolutely love, and find to be rather rare among lenses. And yes, when shooting in black & white, i get this distinct feeling that of Leica-M lenses originated in the late 70s / early 80s. That's exactly the style I love so much.

Well, they did say, that the Laowa Argus 28 has character.

Boy, it really does !

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