Every morning

when I walk home after work and it is still light outside (around 5 to 6 in the morning), i experience the rapid changes of flowers. The weather which is mild at night, but very moist due to the excessive rains - make flowers grows and disintegrate fast. Even the gray-red roses in our neighbors gardens - which we have plenty of. Originally part of the landlords estate, but many neighbors have grown their own roses and flowers there - which makes our "backyard" look majestic with an endless sea of many different flowers. Despite living in rough Rågsved - this part of it - is like an oasis.

It is admirable what people have created in terms of plants and flowers. Really, truly fascinating !

So, i wander around in the morning just outside my home, taking photos of those flowers in a rapid change along the road of several mornings...


Fast Roses

For example, the rose you see at my previous entry, looked very different only 24 hours later. Much more... well, already over-ripe. Those roses seem to flower and disintegrate very fast... The rose in question, is actually the upper left one, unsharp in the background of the first photo - but in my focus in the next; aka this morning.

It changed rapidly... I think the other one was already half gone.



A lens which takes time getting to know in depth

The Laowa Argus 28 mm f 1.2 lens is a very special lens, like a trick poney... and when you think you "got it" - then it will not always give you the results you thought you would get. It is a lens with character, which means, its power needs to be known through experience, in order to wheel its power and abilities.

In the images below i used the Marumi Achromat +3 Close-up lens on top of the Argus 28mm - and in most cases, it use that lens at the extreme bright aperture ƒ1.2

Being able to even make good images at ƒ1.2 is a feat that this lens can hold up. I mean many lenses simply don't. (Plus that not all motives work with ƒ1.2 aperture either). I am not saying my photos are good examples. They are simple examples along the road of trying to get to know this special lens better - that's all.

Another thought hits me is, that using the lens the way I do - doesn't really look like a 28 mm wide angle lens...




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