There is something magic about the 6x6 medium format. And/or in the 6x6 quadratic format itself... Of course, I didn't mean exclusively - because it highly depends on what you fill a quadratic frame with. But when the content connects with the 6x6 format... then it works really magic.

Kind of "Hasselblad Magic" (or myth). Or both.

The new Vertex adapter for Pentax 6x7 lenses mounted to Canon EOS R cameras, is now on its way to Stockholm, arriving in a couple of days. I am really excited... The thought of being able to use Pentax 6x7 lenses digitally, is really cool. Of course I have absolutely no clue how the lenses perform on a modern sensor.

On film, they work excellent. But this can be sometimes different on a digital sensor for which they have not been designed for. But I am sure it will work well, given the digital tools we nowadays have at our disposal, to correct errors like chromatic aberration and other optical phenomenas.


I would be happy

if the new Vertex adapter works with the Pentax 6x7 lenses. I mean, that this type of digital "medium format" photography actually can hold a good level of quality... I will likely not being able to do very wide angle images...

The widest lens I have in the Pentax 6x7 line-up us a 45mm lens, equivalent to something like 24mm in fullframe (in the 6x7 frame) But with the adapter things are changing to a less wider angle, perhaps 35 mm ? There are no wider lenses for Pentax 6x7 other than a Fisheye (which really doesn't interest me).

Maybe i thinking is just theoretical babbling. First i need to get feeling of this new way of taking photos with medium format lenses on a digital camera... and then see where it leads me.


Pentax 67 SMC 45mm ƒ 4.5 lens

Here you see an Infrared image taken in Sicily, with the Pentax 6x7 SMC 45 mm f 4.5 lens. It is pretty wide, something like 21 mm on a fullframe i would guess.

But the Vertex adapter will of course not cover this focal length fully. So, I would assume will be more like a 30-35 mm wide angle... in a square looking format.

But whatever my head and wgo think are limitations - one has to remember, that one can wrok absolutely wonderfully with limitations. Sometimes the belief of limitation can actually be turned around into the opposite, creating new ways to look at things.



There is an important saying by Marcel Proust: "The real voyage of discovery, lies not in seeking new lands - but in seeing with new eyes"

Applied onto photography

"The real voyage of discovering photography, lies not in seeking new lenses and cameras - but in seeing with new eyes"

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