One challenge could be, to make medium format portraits with the Rhinocam Vertex adapter. However, the model needs to be very, very still (because you need to make 4 images which later get aligned and stiched together). I am sure this must be challenging... until you get the hang of it.

But it would be fun to try this out.

I will ask Sal if he wants to stand model for me (prefarably outdoors). He is normally off on sundays and mondays. Except this weekend, because he is going on a mystery travel together with his job, and will be gone sunday-wednesday.

Kind a cool, actually. I have a hunch of that they are traveling to Greece this time.

Anyway, I don't have the adapter yet. I expect it to arrive around tuesday or wednesday...


I love...

The older portraits I have done with friends and people close to me, with analog film and cameras. After so many years... it is a pleasure to watch them. And perhaps, in a sort of way, the only thing I can say, I did a good job; by heart and with good skill.

It took a very long time to get the film negatives to the same high levels into the digital world. I mean, the tools we have today are way better than ever before. Both the way we can "scan" negatives, the way we can handle them (correction, color, grain), the way RAW works, and the tools Photoshop and other programs offer.

This is the reasons why I had so incredible fun to (camera) scan ten thousands of negatives last year. Because everything turned out so much better than ever before. And when you carefully work with the final results, it just looks wonderful. The people come alive, in ways I have rarely seen before...

but boy did it take a frikkin long time, and resources. I mean when you think about, as a photographer, how much money we have been putting down, I have been putting down in only the past 20 years... it is mind boggling.


Continuation in Autumn/Winter 2023/24

Well, since i stopped scanning in mid January 2023, i hope to continue by fall, and during winter 2023/24 - as there are so many more negative waiting to get "scanned" with help of my digital Canon EOS R camera. It's 30 MP, are perfect for that job. And that is the reason why I had it stationary mounted on my Fujimoto G70 enlarger tripod. Working excellent, really.

- 117 -