The same Per-Olof, only 21 years later. I finally got him into the home studio... back in 2013. And he looks just so goofy - like Popeye !!

Well, Per-Olof always had a fascinating, kind of weird, strange, interesting look. Like a Jagger type. Or a while "colored" man, but Nordic - and yet so not Nordic looking. But at the same time, he is like a deep, "thick" Swede, high up, deep from the North, from Laponia.

Fascinating, weird kind of guy.

Ultra strong hands, cock like a horse - and well, like with some guys - they are notoriously sexed. So, yeah. He was mighty popular along guys he seduced. Plenty of them.


Like brothers

When we had our time, we were like brothers (1993-94), acted like brothers, and had hilarious fun like brothers. He was my most photographed "model", and you could steal horses with him. At the same time, he also has a very dominating personality, is manipulative, and a star within the area of electricity and metals. Everything that has to do with handy work.

His domination personality, didn't bite me - because I always set boundaries in terms of not accepting manipulation. I also remember, i loved to ask him numerous question about electricity and physical stuff, because he could answer like an ol' wise man, about the deeper where abouts; how things work, and why they do what they do. And how things are done.


He could fix almost anything practical...

I absolutely loved to ask him about that... He could fix things. Fix machines. And taking them apart just for the fun of it. I remember that he fixed my father's washing machine in Berlin. So, he was mighty impressed and liked Per-Olof very much. Back in 1992, when we went by car down to Berlin, visiting my father and step mother.

Well, Per-Olof was like a farmer boy. And he actually was - that is how was born and grew up, grew up high up in the North of Sweden (Skellefteå ?). Not really Laponia yet I believe - but still high up in Sweden.



No contact today

He is still alive, that masculine drama queen - but we share no contact. I remember when I finally broke with him - i got so much calmer, away from the constant bickering and arguing. This aggressive manipulation he used on people at older age. Becoming even more... what shall I say... eccentric. Yeah, that is the perfect word for him. A personality which seduces, between primitive and charming. But extremely manipulative.


Always has a place in my heart

Nevertheless. Per-Olof will always have a place in my heart as the beyond unique type of guy he has been during decades. I can't remember anyone, who was/is like Per-Olof. He was truly one of a kind. Beyond anything i have met before...

And we had so much fun in the 90s, did so many crazy, childish things... it felt, like it was one of my best years in life. Naive, totally over the top, sincere, extremely intense - and yet, despite our very different personalities - we really were like brothers.


He was a unique model

I mean, i could do anything with him in photography - he would just jump on it. On anything I suggested (as well, what grew out of the collaboration of experimental photography between us). I mean my photography back in the days of 1992 was experimental. I just had started in a more "serious" way, e.g. starting up a home studio, with studio flashes, special background and such. In terms of nudity images I was rather shy (and Per-Olof so was not). I just prefered the more sensual type of photography, and not the raw, fleshy type. I think that is still the same today.

It is also about respect. Both towards the person, as well to oneself. I mean, that in the tension of not revealing everything, not to flesh out every detail - keeps a tension alive, a pweryou can tap into, while you are working with a nude or semi-nude person, giving birth to even more ideas and angles.


It doesn't really have to be so raw and fleshy

And still exhibit interest and a sort of ... genuine connection between the model and the viewer. Today's flesh is so over the top, and partially deeply degraded, that it is like eating popcorn.

Not my thing.

I know that he did actually stand model to a very famous photographer artist in Stockholm. I believe that photographer died. He used to work with large format cameras. And Per-Olof and his horse cock was used in various setting. Surprising to me, because I think the photographer wasn't gay at all. I can't remember the same... was it "David" ? One, known for black & white, large format photo artist in Sweden... Unfortunately he passed away and the work with Per-Olof was never published in any way.

The nude photography I did with Per-Olof was mainly either sensual and a bit distant - or plain goofy and playful/childish. Nothing serious in terms of "sexual raw content".

I think we made a few raw images particularly of his cock once - because he asked me to do so. He wanted a few photos he could use for contact with others in a local gay magazine *LOL* Sex was always on his mind, you could be 100% sure ! We used to go cruising together at the Freskat dueing daytime... Or in the park near Zinkensdamm station, roaming around at night.

Yeaaah, those were the days... Daisy...


Very patient photo model !!

Another funny things was, that he could stand still like few others. He was endlessly patient as a model in front of the camera - which I think is an interesting opposite to his otherwise, very intense and lively character.

Well, I am sure he will show up here in my Diary many times. There are still many other images I have never scanned, to be shown. I absolutely love it. I also think, that images of people, become so much more important decades later.

Portraits of people - are often the most interesting images in the long run...

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