Ooooh, what a bummer. Sal got sick - and stays at home, today Sunday.

He was supposed to meet his colleagues at Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 04.00 this morning, in order to fly together to a spot nobody knew where that would be... Like a bonus "weekend", for those who worked at the company the whole year. (Last year they went to Malaga in September). They would come back on Wednesday...

But Sal got ill, and whatever caused it, did not pass. He arrived home from work very early around 15.30 yesterday, and i was startled to hear the door opening. Apparently, he has a disposition like his mom, that there are pockets in the intestine - which when something gets stuck, like seeds or grains, or so simple like the harder, overcooked shells from peas get stuck in there - they can produce irritation / inflammation there...

So, this is what we assume has happened. Because he ate peas, but got a bit overcooked. Then the shell of them tend to get loose as well harder - and that isn't good for this kind of condition. His mom, which he phoned late in the evening, confirmed, that it ain't doing them any good.

Now the poor man stays at home, with his belly in pain...

No mystery journey.


So excited at first

Oh man, I got so excited about the whole mystery journey, that is "infected me" with the travel virus... you know that magic, which sometimes arises just days before you are flying somewhere. It really gave me pleasure to know that Sal would join the girls and ladies, traveling together to a warm country somewhere in the South, where the sun still shines, and the air still reaches 30°C.

And then... it all went, just poff.

I guess peas will not be on the menu anymore.


Summer 2023 dissapointment

Summer has been rather a dissapointment, which went som almost record sunny and very warm and dry - to very rainy, overcast, into August being also rainy, and almost record sun poor. The total opposite of June, so to speak in terms of sunshine hours. Here you can see it graphically through a simple illustration:


Sunshine hours per day Ø


From Top to Bottom

June 2023 in Stockholm, being on top with more than 13 hours of sunshine per day in average - while August 2023 being at the bottom, with not even fully reaching 5 sunshine hours per day in average.

The temperatures have been nothing to write home about. Since the weather type changed completely since 1 July, we never exceeded 25°C, and during August never even reached it. Th nights however, were relatively mild, e.g. not being below normal average, especially in August.



Summer might come back ?

There is a chance that the tropical storms and hurricanes, which traverse the Atlantic and transform into extra tropical (normal) low pressure areas, making warm air stream towards Europe, which with help from a building up high pressure area over Central Europe, creatin an "omega like" blockage, while leading warm air towards Scandinava. Resulting into summer warm air reaching our region in the upcoming days.


26°C ?

This would mean, that we could get temperatures ranging between 22 to 26°C in Stockholm during a whole week. And making it pleasantly summery warm - by reaching above the normal average in MAX temperature - which in the second week of September, lies around 16-17°C.

That would be really something.


First Signs of Autumn

I personally consider everything above 20°C in September being a little bit "exotic", especially during mid and end of September, becoming increasingly rare. Speaking of temperatures. It is the first time since a long time, I have seen the temperature going below 10°C here in Snösätra, south of Stockholm City.

Another thing i think of in the gray zone between summer and autumn is, that when you see the temperatures at night drop below 10°C more often, Autumn is on the rise pushing out summer more and more.


Reddish tones in leafs already

Another sign of Autumn i have noticed this year, extremely early, is that i see reddish tints in many trees. I find that to be unusual early... If that is because too much rain, or because they are growing new leafs, or because of... the lack of sunshine... i cannot tell the difference.

It isn't because of drought, that is for sure.

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