I was just thinking about my "6x6" trip - meaning the typical photographic, quadratic format, often associated with Hasselblad 6x6 medium format... and it made me think of Daniel (as he used the Hasselblad(, and then made me realize that I just had dreamed about Daniel.


Daniel and Airplane dream fragments

Not that I remember many details. It was like something "on-the-fly". Like him together with some dude coming over to my place - or it was me who came over to his place. Kind of like when you are on a journey, and share a hotel apartment or something. So, I must have mixed residual daytime thoughts, mixed them together into a brain induced "story".

It was also about flying... It started with me being part of the airplane body - but not sure if that body of mine in that way would really sustain flight. Then i thought of airplanes coming down from the sky....


Things i thought of previous day

Yeah, it all got mixed in the dream. I had listened to reports from the airline industry about the recent death of pilots during flights, as well in the military. Apparently many have died just within a week (i believe 6+ or more). Also serious illness in pilots (heart inflammation) from seemingly very healthy looking guys, all of the sudden got serious ill.

All, because of the genetic, toxic "Covid-19" injections. The airline industry KNOWS this very, very well. But denies it publicly - like almost all other branches of companies, authorities and public officials.


World Economic Forum demands be flown by unjabbed pilots

While the WEF Claus Schwab clan and their puppets and peers, insist on being flown by pilots which have not been injected. Think about that for a moment.

In my primitive language, I'd say; Cocksucker bitches. But of the worst kind.


All mixed

So, Daniel's visit, hotel, the issues with pilot deaths, Sal's mystery journey, my thoughts on 6x6 medium format and the upcoming adapter allowing me to create more real 6x6 images made with real medium format lenses...

Well, it all got mixed into a dream landscape of events.

- 121 -