Plus that photography has become a sort of penny entertainment. Even worse since Tic-Toc. The toxic, addictive, Hippocampus reducing activity which basically prevents neurons being created, for memory and thought indexing - making us loose substance of our Hippocampus around 1.5% every year. No wonder that people get Alzheimer (on top of everything else that is thrown at our bodies, which we often don't fully realize, what all in it and taught as "healthy")



I never understood the meaning of the Hippocampus in our brains, being a central spot of our physical existence in terms of determining and locating memories, while also learning and storing those memories later in the brain. And to gauge our experiences we have learned along the road of life: to remember where and why we got them from, for what reason !!

But when it gets damaged, because of Tic-Toc consuming behavior, unnatural lifestyles (Often thought as being all "natural" in today's world, isolation, not communicating really, etc), and very important - jabs: both conventional vaccines, as well the new one which are not vaccines - they all have a toxic effect on the Hippocampus !!!!


Another major factor of destruction in our brains

The genetic altering Covid-19 injections, through the (toxic) spike protein subunit S1 and thanks to the Furin cleavage site gets cut itu, then easily traverses our blood-brain barrier... into our brains, attacking also the Hippocampus, destroying it further. Not realizing that it is the central part of our experiences, our memory indexation and allocation...

Also notice: Babies don't have a brain blood barrier developed yet. So, this is likely the reason they now jab babies with so many injections, whose toxic ingredients go right into the brain. Not until the second year, babies have developed a blood-brain barrier. Before that, they brains are free.

If there is a place that absolutely needs to be free from toxins - it is the brain ! So, why are we injecting babies with toxic substances ? You think it is because of "health".


Yes, war are fights wars to "make peace"

How stupid is that really ? Von der Leyen can shoot her absurdly vain ass to the backside of the moon, for all I care. Take Schwab, Biden, And Guerrtes, too.

How did we even survive as a human species without vaccines ? But since the introduction of vaccines, we now have every 33th child being autistic. And the vaccine programs have never been so extensive like today: 72 shots until the 18th year of age. That is an awful lot of toxins. Some of the of the kind, that is made especially so that it still crosses the blood-brain barrier... Why would anyone want to create something like that ?

They need sheep. People whose Hippocampus isn't working too well - so they stay lean and follow everything they tell you to follow. To hate what the top tells you to hate. To love, what they tell you to love. To inject what they tell you to inject.

To eat bugs, because they tell you it is good for you.

And you, swallow it all. Believe in it, as if it was the most natural thing to do.


Erasing access to memories & experiences

It's like to erase part of your index files on your hard drive, which points to where your file is located physically on the hard drive, gets erases. Without index file, you can't access your memories. And without you know it, the Tic-Toc behavior overrides the index file, and you loose the access to memories and experience you had let's say 3 month ago.

Then we may start to understand, why people, especially the jabbed ones, have changed... and don't seem to remember, how the whole "corona" shit actually started, the lies that have been told to us, and then over time so easily have been forgotten.

Talk about attack of our brains, both form the outside (media consumption), as well from the inside (genetic manipulating, toxic Covid-19 injections).

Now you know a little about the sheeple effect.

In German language there is a splendid interview about the Hippocampus and the latest findings, from a deeply involved, highly renowned professor. I remember him also being interviewed at the Corona Investigative Committee, Berlin almost a year ago, also talking about the Hippocampus, findings, and relation to Alzheimer, Dementia - and how we liberality can TRAIN ourselves out of it !!


Targeted attacks on our brain? - with Dr Michael Nehls

"What we experience is a targeted attack on our brain, our creative individuality and our autobiographical memory". This theory is explored by the physician and molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Nehls in his book "The Indoctrinated Brain".

According to his thesis, all Corona measures were directed against our free thinking. The key to manipulating our brain performance was the hippocampus, our autobiographical memory centre. The goal was a conformist, malleable human being who would not rebel against a fundamental transformation of our society. This is also achieved by overwriting our memories... An incredible interview.

It is "one of those key interviews".


German site Punkt.Peradovic:


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