It is more and more leaning towards a possible, real summer revival for the upcoming week in Stockholm, with temperatures possibly reaching 25-26°C !

Just WOW !

But we are still in a theoretical scenario. You know... Models are calculations, and not reality, and not observations. We tend to forget this. And think that it is "reality", without reflection.

It's easy done. I sometimes catch myself, too.


So, how was the past weather in Stockholm ?

As i mentioned on page 120, the sunshine hours went from almost record high in June 2023, to record low for August 2023, with a merge average daily sunshine of 4.75 hours.

It looks like this on daily basis:

You can clearly see how everything went down during August 2023, with much more cloudiness pulling down the average sunshine hours to a record low level by the very end of the last summer month.


Here you see on monthly basis compared with other years and months. From almost record much sunshine in June 2023, to record low sunshine for August 2023. It was such a plunge. No wonder my flowers also went down... 4.75 hours per day, isn't really much. More in line with September or even a sunshine rich October.

How strange...

Climate Boiling. My. Ass.



God dammit - shoot their corrupted asses to the moon

Guterres should be, as i said before, be shot to the moon, and never come back. And his frikkin' peers and puppets, can join him. (Did you know it is now claimed, that climate chance occurs on other planets, such as Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter as well Mars). I wonder how many cars they drive around with, and use too much CO2. So, it's manmade on earth, huh ? How about the planets then ?

I mean seriously... "Man made climate change" - is so beyond my ass, i can't even spell it out any longer. It is that stupid. On a dynamic planet, whose primary source of energy is the sun, and the primary reason for variation are the amounts of CLOUDS (water vapor). Not CO2. It has been found that CO2 is following temperature rises - and not causing temperatures rises. The difference is around 800 years between temperature rise and CO2 increase.


Gas of Life - for plants. For us, our food.

CO2 is the gas of life, the fundamental requirement for plats to GROW, stupid asses. And that we are now fighting against. Against life itself.

Every fucking company does the same shit. "Climate gases". Oh we are so brave and good, and everything, going Bio, Eco and god knows what else. Stockholm stripping CO2 out of the air...

It is a major, global money grab, from poor and medium income, to the ultra rich.

That is what it is. Has nothing to do with climate, as much as Covid-19 Vaccines and mask waring has absolutely nothing to do with health


Temperatures in Stockholm

This is what it looks like. You see the MIN and MAX temperatures in Stockholm City, but also the minimum temperatures of Tullinge station, which is located 19 km south of Stockholm City. That station shows you how cold it can get, when there is no city-warming-bubble effect.

Things then look pretty different - and much colder !

You can also see, how summer switched gear into a much chillier, highly unstable version since 1 July 2023 and even more so during August. MAX temperatures dropped significantly in July and August, never really recovering to a more steady period... It just went up and down all the time, but not going above 25°C. During August even more often staying below 20°.

The nights (minimum) however, stayed pretty much on course of the normal MIN temperatures, even above in the past 2-3 weeks during August. So, I am not complaining (given that I work during night time, i noticed that it has been pretty mild at night - without that freezing feeling which happens when it dips below 10°C (because the body isn't used to chilly temperatures in late summer/autumn).

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