Tomorrow arrives the Rhinocam Vertex adapter

which allows me to adapt Pentax 6x7 lenses with the Canon EOS R6 camera. And because it is not a centered adapter, but reset to the side - you take 4 images while for every image you rotate the camera by 90 degrees.

And then you stitch the 4 images together into a quadratic, aligned 6x6 image (in reality, corresponding a 46 x 46 mm medium format sensor)

I am really excited.


46x46 mm doesn't quite cover the real thing

Of course, 46x46mm isn't really covering the real image circle of these big lenses which have an image circle of 7x7 cm. Even my widest lens will not be as wide. But it might (so far in theory) be a wonderful way to bring medium format photography into the digital era, too. Without shelling out a fortune with cameras that have sensors as large as almost 6x4.5 cm. Fuji and Hasselblad use the baby "medium format" sensor 44x32 mm. Not really that much bigger than fullframe...


We never got a 6x6 or 6x7 image sensor sensor...

I believe the frustration in people who love medium format photography, is, that there are no sensors who actually cover the classic 6x6 and 6x7 lenses. I wonder why the industry never went that road. It doesn't have to be super high resolution - but the surface should be much larger. It is more about the "rendering" from medium format lenses, á lá Hasselblad C/M, Pentax 67, Mamiya RZ67 lenses.

I believe a 150 MP sensor is way over the top for good old fashioned medium format photography. The margin of error is so extreme sensitive, that it take away the spirit of classic (analog) medium format. Instead a lower res sensor, but larger in surface - would be a most welcome concept.

Give it, I don't know... 30 or 40 MP, instead of 200 MP - but make it large like in the old days, so that these lenses can be used again.


Other reasons buried behind ?

I guess this is just naive talking, because that is not how companies work these days. Especially not these days, where totally different rules and goals apply behind the curtains. I also suspect that in most developments... the military interests' are the far more deciding factor behind many developments. Including the image sensor industry.

Only on the surface it looks like they serve 'photography'.

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