Boy... I am deeply impressed. After having been out this morning at dawn, taking images of my neighborhood, and then coming home stitching together all images... I am just so impressed by the quality. Plus that the different handing of the medium format adapter, makes taking images really different. As if I have real digital medium format camera to work with. Kind of like the old days, you know.

Albeit again, the handing, how to compose the images, is very different from anything I have ever done before. I mean rotating the camera 90 degrees between every image, is quite strange and... well, interesting.

Once the images come together, and hopefully you are skilled with Camera Raw and Photoshop... boy it really, really turns out well.

I am also impressed by the quality of the Pentax 67 SMC 45 mm f 4.5 wide angle lens. It holds up well. I only used it at aperture ƒ 8.0 and in the above photo aperture ƒ13.

Then i sometimes add Topaz Sharpen AI, if i want to go sharpness fetish down to the finest details. Which isn't really necessary in the images you see presented here, as they are smaller than the original.


6x6 love

Working with 6x6 format is just.... oooooh, I am so in love. Well, because with this Vertex adapter and the Pentax 6x7 lenses - the only output you get are 6x6 images. Always quadratic. I like that very much. If it would be a real digital medium format camera, it's sensor would be 46x46 mm.

That is quite impressive actually. Given that today's largest commercial sensors ain't bigger. In fact, only one brand uses slightly larger sensor. And their cameras host a half million euro. Plus lenses, each one cost for a fortune. Or whatever.

Who needs them ?

Not me.


Really fun - and rewarding !

Boy, I can't believe that this turns out so gorgeous. And that it is so fun, almost like working with an analog medium format camera á lá Pentax 6x7 or Mamiya RZ67, or even Hasselblad C/M.

I don't know what to say... but i am really impressed. I didn't expect the quality be so good, and making the images (stitching, correcting, perspective, colors, composition, etc) is more fun and rewarding than i had anticipated. Deep down i thought, well perhaps; "this is just another of many hundred adapters - which then just lies around in a box somewhere", you know.

How many adapters do i have... so many, for sure ! There must be a whole industry revolving around different camera/lens adapters of all kinds.

But this adapter is really something useful. I mean, if you like 6x6 images and happen to have medium format lenses "lying around".

- 129 -