I only used one lens among all my Pentax 6x7 lenses - so there are plenty to discover. And of course, trying to get a hang of those - as they will not work as wide as the Pentax 67 SMC 45mm / 4.5 lens.


Pentax 6x7 Takumar 55 mm f 3.5
a large, bright lens with charisma

There is the "cinematic" lens, the Pentax 6x7 Takumar 55mm f 3.5 for example - a large lens not for the faint hearted. It's diameter is 105mm (!) Or was it 95mm ? I can't remember.

I wonder how it will render with its rather special way to "draw" an image... kind of airy, soft and sharp. Well, cinematic kind of feeling - which is why i bought it back in 2017. It had rather different rendering style compared to the other Pentax 6x7 lenses.

Naturally, I also wonder, how the Pentax 6x7 lenses work when used wide open, perhaps also on a closer range ? All these things I have not yet tried. In case one thinks they are not sharp enough - that does not trouble me. On analog film, they worked well, and sharp. On a digital sensor this might reveal that they are a bit older - but with software, one can always crispen up fine details. It's really not a problem any longer.


Later Result

the micro contrast with this lens is surprisingly poor - at least with my lens i have at home. Even at f 11 it lacks quite a bit of bite. (The overall contrast is good - but the fine details are suffering) What does that mean ? Well in a 75 MP image you look it overall - it looks perfect.

It is only at 100% you see that it is not very sharp with a digital sensor. It works better on film, I remember.


Pentax 6x7 SMC 300 mm ƒ 4
one of the "weakest" in the line up

The longest lens I have for the Pentax 6x7 is the SMC 300mm ƒ 4 lens - which however is of an older design, regarded being one of the weakest lenses among the Pentax 6x7 line up. It's not the the newer ED design. I wonder how that feels like, to test it with the Vertex adapter... And what motive should i use it on ?

However - i am not in a hurry. I actually like, just to pull out of the house, with one lens and camera - and then Trying to "my thing", in order to see and learn, what it feels like - how it looks like, and so on.

This morning's images, were mainly of "documentary character". Simple places around my neighborhood. Just like that.

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