Working slowly with a tripod... well, that alone, adds a kind of quality to images. Probably because when you are out and about with a tripod - you think more of what you are actually taking images of. The process between what your eyes see, and your camera "sees", becomes more intimate. The slower process of dealing with a camera on a tripod also adds enough of presence - so that your images generally do get better. Well, i may not express myself correctly here.

Images may not get better - but i believe that the inner quality connects better with the tools you work with (camera, composition, motive). That the whole process enables something in us, which makes us become better photographers. Not aiming at speed, but presence, visualization and depth.

To let things sink in...


Where will it head towards ?

What I don't know, regarding the new Vertex medium format adapters is, how i will develop my photography. I see that the 6x6 square format, kind of gives a solid feeling. Documentary kind of feeling. I have not yet explored this type of photography, and don't really know where I am heading with it.


Moving subjects don't work

Naturally, since I always have to use a tripod - and can NOT use this type of photography on moving subjects - my images with it - will look different, too.

but I think that is fine. Because everything else moves, and we use our iPhones, and fast mirrorless cameras... so that this medium format, tripod based photography, is something "almost totally different", from what I normally do.

This way, it might be a wonderful thing.

Being different for a change.


Mamiya RZ67 Professional
big, heavy and bulky... and awesome

Kind of like when you are out and about with a big, heavy, bulky Mamiya RZ67 on a tripod... ! It's not truly a handholdable camera. Sure you can - but, it's not my thing. I rather would use a Mamiya C330s, in order to do handheld medium format photography.

But not with a Mamiya RZ67. So, the images i do with that 6x7 studio camera, are usually more static, more documentary.

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