It is soooooo fascinating to work like this - and certainly the closest to digital medium format i have ever experienced. Really surprising. I love ever single step along the way in the process. So rewarding. So fun. So experimental. Like in the old days of the early 90s.

Wow. I really didn't expect this.


Who needs a Phase One camera for 50.000 Euro ?

At the same time, I like that you don't need a Phase One 50.000 € digital medium format camera in order to get into digital medium format photography.

I know the 50 and 100 MP Hasselblad and Fuji GFX versions are mini medium format - yet only 1.7x larger than the 24x36 mm fullframe sensor. (The Vertex adapter is actually available for those cameras too, and will cover a larger area when you stitch together 4 image !).


While the Hasselblad X1D & X2D 100C

are probably the most sexy digital cameras ever created ... but, I never felt to invest in them as a tool to work with. Their system is way over my budget - plus what they do, in my personal bubble - I can do with top notch fullframe cameras and high quality lenses.

I mean, i am mainly using my images in a Diary here. So, I don't need 100 Megapixels - and found often that 20 MP are simply perfect for my needs. I also love the much better noise behavior in 20 MP sensors !!!

Fuji's and in particularly Hasselblad's X1D, X1D II, and X1D 100C native lenses are exorbitant expensive !! Think 4500-6000 € and even more for just one lens.

Not my thing, really.


I absolutely love the Vertex

medium format adapter - and what it can do for me in the digital photography, yet with real, analog, classic 6x7 lenses. I am so in love with the whole process...

And there is the thing: I rather work with love !

- 135 -