During the night, it's been at times clear, other times a haze high up covered the sky. The minimum temperatures has been above normal with around 14°C - which is more like a typical peak summer night in Stockholm (in average), during July.

Towards sunrise, the sky suddenly is covered by fog... and that has been going on for a couple days. So, autumn is near - only that right now, we are in the zone of mild, warm air for the time being. Once the fog clears, temperatures can rise to 23°C, tomorrow 24°C, and day after tomorrow 26°C (!)


Finally, and yet already at the end

These are very very last, real summer days this season. It always feels a bit strange. Strange that it is unusual warm (finally), and strange that it soon will be over.

American GFS gives following calculations for the future weather. Indicating very warm late summer weather, but then a very drastic drop towards cold temperatures, way below average, beginning on 14 September. Kind of strange to think only having temperatures hovering around 10°C. That would feel more second week of October


Enjoy the party - while it lasts. It is already wonderful that we get a summer period, given that July and August been a bit disappointing, and not particularly warm nor stable.

So, these days kind of make it up a little bit. But people are likely at the office working... so, summer isn't much summer there either. More like a hypothetical "fly-by" event.


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