I don't really have many new 6x6 digital medium format images. What I do is just a couple of experiment images every day, often after work, or a couple hours before I go to work again.

So, after boiling and preparing rice, the kitchen sinks looked like it does above. Simple images of simple things out of daily life. But I love it. I mean i love to do it the old fashioned way, as if i work with a real analog medium format camera. It is so fascinating - i still can't grasp it.


Pentax 67 SMC 90 mm ƒ 2.8

This time, I used the Pentax 67 SMC 90 mm f 2.8 lens - at an aperture of ƒ 8.0 . It turned wonderfully sharp down to the finest details. Yet, the depth of sharpness when you zoom in, is actually very small. Perhaps around 4-5 cm only - then things transition into a gradual blur.

This is really so typical for medium format. Well this lens, which normally has a perspective of a 42 mm lens on a Pentax 6x7 camera - is actually a 90 mm lens on a fullframe (24x36 mm) sensor camera. So yeah, the depth of sharpness is shallow, like a typical 90mm lens, even at aperture ƒ8.0 !

An excellent lens so far. Also waaaay cheaper than the crazed 75mm f 2.8 AL version.

The micro sharpness is superb. And yes, I do very gently sharpen it with Topaz Sharpen AI. Important with this step is, not to over do it, otherwise you get weird artifacts in the details.


Less is more !

Blend the Topaz Sharpen AI result with original photo half way, or 65-75% - like a mix of both - and the sharpness will be natural in the final, without artifacts.


I am still overwhelmed

and so excited, that I barely know what to make photos of *LOL* (I mean in this new 6x6 medium format camera kind of way). It must be a Ralf Thing ?! A Medium Format Camera tick or mine, or something. I don't know. But I feel lyrical and could go on writing about it for ewwa. Kind of...

I am sure these Diary entries are all very boring for somebody who doesn't do that kind of photography. On the other hand - who says you have to read the text ?

Why not just enjoying the photography and images instead ?

There are plenty in here.


One aspect which is so cool: it's easy !!

is that this Rhinocam Vertex "6x6 medium format" adapter, is so incredible well made - i mean the handling is dirt simple, when you turn around the camera 90 degrees for every photo, up to 4 photos. There is a notch feeling, where you set the camera, you can't miss it. To take 4 shorts with this adapter and a medium format lens attached (and your settings set) - is incredible easy.

This is, why it is extra fun !

Then i import the RAW files into Lightroom Classic, make changes and synchronize them to all 4 images. And tell the app to make a "panorama". It stitches it all together - and to my delight - creates a DNA RAW file out of those 4 images. Which you then can work in Photoshop with.

The workflow of everything is incredible and easy once you get the hang of it. It's fantastic.

And there you go: you just got a 75 MP image. (With the 30 MP Canon EOS R camera x 4 images with the Vertex adapter result into a quadratic, 75 MP resolution photo).

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