Temperatures reached up to (preliminary) 24.5°C in the City of Stockholm, and almost 24°C here where I live in the Southern Suburbs of the city. These are fantastic temperatures for this time of the year - because the normal average MAX, is usually 16°C.

Whole of Europe lies within a large pool of warm air, supported by a high pressure area over Russia transporting this air all the way up to the Northern parts of Sweden. Albeit there, cooler air is starting to penetrate... ending summer for good.

This is also what will hit us in Stockholm just a couple days later, and starting a period of much cooler weather... basically ending the real summer for good, too.


A sense of sorrow when summer leaves

It is always a bit of nostalgia and a pinch of sorrow, when summer leaves our nordic realm. Things just end up much earlier here, compared to the rest of Europe, due to our geographically high latitude... No wonder i loved to travel to Sicily, visiting my Sal, and ju get that beautiful feeling of mild air on my skin. Even in January you can feel a little bit the warmth of the sun there... while Scandinavia often lies under a thick cover of snow, and low temperatures (well, more or less).

Who could ever wish for low temperatures, I do not understand !!!



The need to study weather of September

I still need to study past weather during September months. I feel like i don't really have a good memory of warm September month in Stockholm - because i rarely focus on September. I only remember that Sep 2002 was exceptionally warm at first, and then dropped like a stone to very cold temperature (below normal).

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