Dense fog - but very mild !

Yesterday the temperatures reached onto 20°C in Stockholm City, due to the dense (but shallow) cloud cover over larger parts over Southern Sweden. Stockholm Arlanda Airport had serious delays this morning, due to the fog with over 1 hour delays.

Yet - we are still within the warm air which covers large parts of Europe. In the southern suburbs of Stockholm where I live, temperatures went only down just +15°C, which is extremely mild for this time of the year - actually more like peak summer (Normal average MIN this time of the years lies around 9-10°C). On the east coast of Sweden night temperatures stayed at around 18°C (!) this early morning.

Gothenburg has a min temperature of 17.3°C. I find that remarkable.

In areas where the fog lifted yesterday - for example 130 km northwest of Stockholm, in the area around Gävle; temperatures rose quickly to 24-25°C.


Down to Autumn (significantly cooler)

Well, today will be the last "summer day", and perhaps we still make it above 20°C. And from there, it is a gradual way down towards Autumn. Not as drastic as earlier indicated, but with maxium temperatures at or below 15°C.

For thursday in Stockholm a of max 14°C are predicted.



GFS calculates a different prognosis model

Albeit American GFS models with a warmer outlook for Stockholm. I mean first a couple cold days, and then warm again.Rather optimistic, with temperatures reaching 20°C anew... I really wouldn't mind.



Uninspired night

I kind of got out of alignment, with both my sleep and (un)normal night shift schedule. So when I woke up around midnight, i was groggy and remained uninspired in terms of photography. My motives look as uninspired *LOL*


Pentax 6x7 SMC 75mm f 4.5 lens

I tested the Pentax 67 SMC 75mm 4.5 lens. Normally on a Pentax 67 camera, it is like a very light wide angle lens. With the Vertex adapter and Canon EOS R, it acts more like a "normal focal length" camera. It appears to be very sharp down to the finest details - but also a bit on the boring side.

You can see that when in focus, it resolves even the tiny cells of the plant. Quite remarkable. Who said Pentax 6x7 lens ain't sharp ?



Understanding a lens' character

I have not used this particular lens very much, so I don't understand its inherent character yet. These things usually take time. It seems to be more enutral and "neutral" compared to other Pentax 6x7 lenses with more character, like Takumar 105/2.4 and Takumar 55/3.5 - all older designs, though.

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