While it is all overcast over Stockholm, and very mild for this time of the year when you compare the minimum temperatures... but we are already in the gray zone of a cold front passing slowly over Sweden, pushing away the very mild air which dominated the weather over Sweden, and large parts of Europe with unusual high temperatures in many places

In the illustration below, you can see that the older air already affect places in Western Middle Sweden, with much lower temperatures, between 2 and 8°C. While Stockholm and the southern part of Sweden still reside within mild air up to 17°C at 07.00, despite overcast weather.



Gradual transition into Autumn

A lot points towards that the transition from unusual warm, later summer weather into Autumn will be gradual. Not so fierce and abrupt like earlier prognosis indicated. Instead, we may still face a single days with temperatures up to 18°C in Stockholm.

but overall - it is getting colder. And this will be felt significantly during the night, when it starts to plunge below 10°C, at times down to just 5°C.

So yes. Autumn is coming closer for sure !

GFS prognosis for Stockholm • 14-27 September 2023

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