Wadda'ya know ?

It worked !! With defishing the Pentax 67 Fisheye, i was able to create a wonderful wide image. In Photoshop i used the profile for "Tokina AT-X DX Fisheye 10-17mm Fisheye ƒ 3.5" + some extra change to -70 in Photoshop Camera RAW, manual distortion setting (filed under "Optics" -> "Manual" -> "Distortion", in Camera RAW, often seen to the right of your screen)


Pentax 6x7 SMC Fish-Eye 35mm f 4.5 arrived from Japan

And it was fast ! So, now after FedEx droped it off, I made a first test shot together with the rotating Vertex adapter + Canon EOS R camera.

Natrually - it was distorted like a moderate fish eye - as you can see in the photo below. The center is very sharp at ƒ8 - but the borders are of course softer - but not too bad ! You would be surprized how much focussing exactly makes a different in where the sharpness falls. Also remember, that my setting is equal to a 46x46 sensor - which still doesn't cover the entire frame angle this lens really has.



The natural Fisheye effect isn't too shabby

with this method, using Vertex + Canon EOS R camera. Mainly, because it still cuts out the lens' most extreme borders, by acting like a crop-factor camera, so to speak.

Frankly - I am so NOT a fan of Fisheye lenses. Not even the slightest. I think they are just funky ! In Astro photography with horizon, i can sometimes enjoy a photo, because the night sky with stars look rather natural in their proportions. (However, the straight horizon gets vastly bent).

Other type of "fisheye" photography, I find... broing. Etremly few photographers have managed to entice the tricky spirit out of domain, by making its annoying character align and "melt in" with harmony to the landscape / Forest / trees - without the fisheye effect takes over, so to speak. Melting together in harmony. That is NOT easy !!!

99,8 % of Fisheye photos I have seen were "right into your face" and "all the same", "goofy", and by far too tiresome to watch many of them. Aninmals however, can look both cute, hillarious or goofy, when you put a fisheye into their faces. Those images can be very interesting, to my surprize. Let's see if I can find it...

However, with my settings, this was the only way to get a wider view from any existing Pentax 6x7 lenses. My widest lens was before was the Pentax 6x7 SMC 45mm f 4.0. While pretty wide - but just not very wide either.

That's why i took the chance of that the Pentax SMC Fisheye 35mm f 4.5 may perhaps be the answer. Albeit, I was pretty unsure if this would work. Or if the lens would hold up in optical quality.

Well - it does.

It really worked !!


It's equivalent focal length ?

I have to guess.

It looks to me like a 21 mm lens used on a fullframe camera.
Or a very wide 40 mm lens on say Hasselblad C/M 501 camera (6x6) ?

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