With this illustration between my widest Pentax 6x7 lenses, I want to show the difference in wide angle view for each lens. The (de)Fisheyed 6x7 Pentax 35mm lens, is indeed quite a lot wider than the 45mm lens.

I love the difference.

It delivers now a wonderful, classic "6x6" view combined with a wealthy wide view - while doing so with good quality ! Even if the corners of this Fisheye lens are softer, and have mild to moderate chromatic aberrations - which can largely get corrected / mitigated gently.


Vertex with Pentax 6x7 SMC 45mm f 4.0

Vertex with Pentax 6x7 SMC Fisheye 35mm f 4.5


Things will get even wider...

The day, I use the Fujifilm GFX 50s II medium format camera instead (= with a virtual 65x65mm sensor) - the extreme borders will then become visible. All lenses will become wider than what you see above.


The thing with a 6x7 format Fisheye lens

I notice that when you set the focus with this lens - it is not the same like with a forgiving fullframe Fisheye lens, where everything is sharp as you set the focus to lets say 1 or 2 meter. Everything is sharp until infinity, and you just shoot away...

Oh no.

With the 6x7 Fisheye lens, you have to be precise with the focus, because not everything gets automatically sharp. There is a large visible difference (Treat it like a 35 mm fullframe focal length; e.g. when you focus, a precise focus is necessary)

I read At the Pentax Forum from somebody who used to work with the Pentax SMC 35mm f 4.5 Fisheye lens - that yes, you do have to set focus carefully in order to get sharp results in your film negatives !

He was right !

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