The issue with today's search Engines

It has been so frustrating with Search engines like (Alphabet/CIA) Google, DuckDuckGo and (Microsoft) Bing search engines... even in trivial areas of interest like Photography !!! That It is very difficult to actually find useful information.

When i search for something that has to do with photography... i bump into almost always commercial links as well "hundred times" more or less copied, same articles from various "photo" sites, and photo magazines and similar. It's like...


"When you read one article - you have read them all"

I remember a time, perhaps 10+ years ago, where i would find such a wealth of rare information about the most interesting things within the area of photography. Especially older articles, that people wrote - in which they shared really valuable and interesting information about photography, a camera, lens or a certain type of film, emulsion, darkroom related stuff, Or Large format cameras... you name it.

When search engines were a more honest source of pointing to information on the internet.



Search Engines today, are a frikkin' joke

by showing us a highly degraded, extremely limited, extremely commercialized internet. The real stuff that real people write - you almost never get your hands on anymore. SO, it is like living in a sort of "sanitized" vacuum Barbie world.

They sometimes till show you that they found 1.000.000 pages - but when you actually test that, try to go beyond page 10, or 20. Often you are only given perhaps at best 50 or 100 links. Then you can't get any further. So, where are the rest of the 1 million ?!


It is like they only show you a selection. Like if you only get to see what's in the index file of the Hippocampus in the brain - which is like the main index file on a harddrive, which contains all the references to WHERE those are stored.

Those sites and information all exists - but if you have nothing that points you to them - then it "doesn't exist". Like a sanitized version of reality... only showing you a certain kind of version, so you believe that that is reality.

But it isn't. Kind of like Newspapers and TV report about the world events. They give you a cleaned, sanitized version of "reality". A given reality for you to believe in, how the world works and looks like. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Now i understand it.




Alternative Search Engines

I sometimes use the Russian search engine "Yandex" (Which i believe is a commercial, west oriented entity, not really true Russian). But occasionally I find things outside of Dumb Blonde, endlessly parroting and mirroring Photography articles.

Sometimes I even use more special oriented search engines, which you probably never even heard of. Simply, because I don't find the interesting stuff about photography I used to find. Now it is just garbage, mirrored articles of articles, being more or less based on 1 to 3 original sources. The rest are copies.

It's exhaustingly boring, when you really search for something


Selective highways to Information

99% of what I used to find - is simply not found anymore. Because the references to such sites are gone thanks to today's "Search engines". It is like saying - the Internet is only as big (or small) as the highly selective search engines have decided for you what to show. It isn't that many sites are really gone. That of course happens too - but a lot of the existing stuff - you do not even find anymore, because there is no gateway given to you, to find them.

In the mid 1980s - there was a saying in Photo Sweden; that goes something like this


"Nature has the colors, that Kodak has given to you".

Maybe it was legendary Christer Strömholm, who said it. No clue where he got it from, or if he came up with it.


The dominating thing

decides how reality is represented to you / chosen for you, what to see in color and how to think in Black & White.

Kind of fitting, isn't it ?



Paul Schillinger - on Rhinocam "Rotating Vertex" Adapters

On the next page, i thought i transfer an article from a guy - Paul Schillinger, a wonderful photographer - who wrote on his homepage about Vertex Rotating (and other) adapters, under the title "Impressions, after adapting Lenses to the Fujifilm GFX50S"

Simply because you find almost nothing about it (except links to the Fotodiox company in the US, who sells these) and promoting articles, which are more or less the same articles.

So, you will not find any, if at all, outside, more private reviews about this - in my opinion - absolutely fantastic, and rather different camera-lens adapter

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