Clearly funky distortions

Go a bit closer with a Fisheye lens and its get easily too close. Borders get out of proportions, especially when you have people in it - feet, legs and hips get vastly distorted. (Especially Sal to the right, his legs looks totally wicked, unnatural)

But it was a fun test these things. It was Sal's suggestion, when he asked what happens if he changes position while I am taking 4 frames. I said, it would look like a double exposure (which can accomplished in several different ways).

It works (ish) with the Vertex 4 image method too - albeit it can happen that a face isn't properly aligned, or that part of a head is missing, if a person is only present in one frame, but not in the forth. (That is exactly what happened here, so I had to go in after stitching, and manually add the upper part of his (right) head, while making sure that the proportion and size was correct, and then make sure it fits into the existing surrounding details.


Playing is fun !

It's fun to play like this. To test, play and experience.

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