Yesterday morning, temperatures went down to 0°C at the outer surburan area, called Tullinge, around 7 my from my place.

This morning, my thermometer shows a whopping 17°C (West Stockholm has reached even 18°C ) - at a time you normaly would expect temperatures to reach its minimum. It started already in the evening to rise, as clouds started to roll in. Sal and I went out for a short 30 minutes test photoshot in the evening - I told him that most likely the temperatures will be much milder compared to the previous morning. Likely stay about 10°C during the bight.

And boy... it went like super mild !!

From 12-13°C last evening around 20.00 - it went upwards - and didn't even stop. Despite some rain in the morning with overcast weather - its now 17°C at 07.00 - and feels more like a high summer season night in July at its lowest point, right before runrise.




I find that remarkable !

When temperatures in rare cases make these rather unusual jumps upwards - in the middle of the night. I mean, the MIN of Tullinge is now 17°C higher compared to 24 hours earlier. That's a remarkable switch.

Yesterday morning, i was really freezing. Yet, it wasn't wasn't as cold as 0°C like in Tullinge, but felt unpleasantly cold, both in Högdalen as well at Gullmarsplan, the latter with lies at the border of Stockholm inner city.

During a brief time cold air had penetrated half of Sweden, reaching our city as well - which made temperature plunge to 0° in the outer suburbs both south and north of the center.

The temperature chart from Stockholm-Tullinge

is an updated one, showing how warm it got later during the day.

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