It find that pretty extreme - that when September has not even come to an end, and you get 38 cm snow dumped down. That is new September Snow Record for the town of Kiruna ! The second largest snow depth of 22 cm was reported from Jukkasjärvi, some kilometers east of Kiruna. However, they don't have such a long series of measurements.

The snowfall in the north has not yet stopped, so it is possible that I will follow up tomorrow.

Among stations with long or very long measurement series, Karesuando deserves to be mentioned, which has reported 15 cm of snow. The previous record was 7 cm on 28 September 1948. As with Kiruna, snow depth measurements began in 1905, but were more sporadic at first.

In order to find more snow during September, we have to go back to 2003, when Katterjåkk / Riksgränsen reported 40 cm snow.

Part of the text above, was translated from what Sverker Hellström at SMHI had written.


Swedish September Snow record

The Swedish September record is 62 cm in Sösjö in Jämtland on 28 September 1954. The last days of September 1954 are still unsurpassed in terms of snow depth in September with more than half a meter at several stations in Dalarna, Hälsingland, Härjedalen and Jämtland.


Last night in Stockholm

It was very windy, while the night temperature rose to 15°C , despite it was raining at times (i measured 6.6 mm rain on my rain meter). in kind of felt weird, as i walked home from the train depot - the winds hauling though the trees, having this storm-like sound. While at the same time - it was really mild, like a typical summer night in July.






Caught a Cold; felt a bit groggy at work

At times it has this dizzy feeling present - and of course coughing most of the time, last night. So, not my best hours exactly - yet still OK enough, to do my job and walking home though the woods afterwards. I am glad it wasn't cold outside...

My temperature after I came home from work was 37.1°C - which means no fever. It seems to be a half-half type of cold, nothing full blown. And today, I am off duty today anyway - so that helps, too.

Sal got sick around 5 days ago - while i had it coming 3 days later - with the classic scratching feeling in my throat, realizing it had caught something as well. Yet, for the time being - Sal is already feeling better today, and left for work a while ago.


10 Drops of 0.3% CLO2 in water (or)
drops of 3% H2O2 in water

We used a little CLO2 in water twice a day during a couple of days, to treat the worst - and it helped. (a little H2O2 in water can be used instead of CLO2) We take this to kill off germs and virus when they are going off the scale in the body. Yet, it is important that during the you days after the treatment, take extra antioxidants, such as Vitamin-C and NAC in order to counteract the oxidative stress CLO2 and H2O2 causes.

Usually however, oxidative agents such as CLO2 and H2O2 only lasts for 2 hours in the body. It depends on the protocol you use, whether you take it every hour, or just 1-2x a day.

CLO2 or H2O2 can not be taken with food or any type of anti oxidative drinks, such as Vitamin-C, coffee or eating/drinking fruits etc. No food 3 hours before until 2 hours after - otherwise the effect of CLO2 / H2O2 gets neutralized.


Broken down into Water, Salt and oxygen

CLO2 in the body is broken down into salt, water and oxygen. It is the extra oxygen released into the body, which kills excessive (ill making type of germs/viruses). That's the whole point of the treatment.

If used together with some drops of DMSO added to the CLO2, penetrates deeper into the cells tissue - as well penetrates and breaks down so called biofilm, behind which germs often can hide and survive (the latter isn't broken down with antibiotics !) Neither CLO2 nor H2O2 cause bacterial resistance - also good to know.

You do not store the solution - you make it always fresh.

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