Fascinating summery temperatures we got, given that we are now in Autumn Equinox... This does not happen so often, I can tell you that.

Temperatures up to 24°C are observed in Southern Sweden, such as Ljungby, Helsingborg and Gothenburg, but also Örebro west of Stockholm.

Even Stockholm made it above 20°C, as warm air once again nudged back into Southern and middle Sweden. In the North however, more winter like conditions prevail (in regions where the snow is still on the ground from yesterdays strong snow fall) like in the town of Kiruna.



Catania in Sicily

reports 36°C right now - which is the highest temperature from what I can see registered in entire Europe. Even hot Cyprus with 35°C, lies tiny notch below. Also Palermo in West Sicily reports 35°C - and it might be the case that the mountains causes temperatures to rise a bit extra (light Sirocco winds ?)

Large parts of East and Middle Europe report fantastic pleasant summer temperatures between 25 and 30°C.


Rainy and cool in West Europe

The west however, is chilly. Madrid reports only 16°C, London 18°C, and Paris 14°C.


Stockholm Outlook

Another mild to warm day tomorrow - and then it goes down a bit, with Max of 15°C, which is slightly above normal average max (14°), and then anew a warmer period in the middle of next week - with temperatures up to perhaps 20-22°C - if the sun makes it though the clouds.

After that, I would say temperatures will fall back to normal or slightly milder levels compared to this time of the year... After all - we are soon going into October.

Hard to believe...



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