So, i got the Pentax No 67 Macro reverse ring, which allows you to mount lenses with 67mm Ø the opposite way, in order to get good quality in the close range, and even macro.

Mainly for the 75mm, 90mm, and 105mm 6x7 lenses. It is not recommended to use the 135mm "macro" lens reverted, because the performance gets degraded (compared with mounting normally, and using it with extension rings).

I tested with the 90mm lens, but that was way to close for my taste. Then i used it with the classic 6x7 Takumar 105mm f 2.4 lens - and it worked here like a close up lens. Not too close (e.g. not real macro), but close enough. With the upcoming Fujifilm GFX 50s II lens, the angle will get even wider...


Alternative: Pentax 67 SMC 135/4 'Macro'

I have a Pentax 67 SMC 135mm f 4 Macro lens on order - which isn't really macro lens per se - but goes down to 1:3 and is optimized to work best in the closer range (while less corrected for objects at infinity). Extension rings can be used with this lens, in order to get closer.

Real Macro doesn't really interest me with the Rotating Vertex method with Pentax 6x7 lenses.

I rather made them with Olympus OM-1 together with the special ED 90mm [180mm] ƒ 3.5 IS PRO Macro lens, combined with focus bracketing/stacking. Alternative the ED 60/2.8 Macro and ED 30/3.5 Macro. They are fantastic versatile combinations, getting into the much small details the naked eyes barely can see, while also being highly flexible. It is one of the strengths with using Micro Four Third cameras from Olympus / OM Systems.


Close-ups are fun

and leave more room for flexibility compared to true 1:1 macro. Even with bulky 6x7 lenses it works nicely with closeups + the Rotating Vertex Adapter method.


It is fun to test this reverse ring - I've never used it on any camera before. Kind a cool. Also a cheap way to get into macro with your existing lenses. You simply reverse a (normal focal length) lens with help of a reverse adapter ring. If the lens diameter doesn't fit to the adapter ring, you use simple step-up / step down rings.

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