Once you stop down the Pentax 6x7 Takumar 105mm f2.4 lens to let's say ƒ6.7 - things crispen up and the odd-delightful characteristics disappear Finer details become more crisp. Also in this image, i used the reversal ring, in order to mount the lens reverted onto the camera (with a Vertex) adapter, in order to get closer to the object than it normally can.


Now that my Canon FD to GFX adapter has arrived

I will test some Canon FDn lenses with the Fuji GFX 50s II camera. Very fiddly everything - but also because I still can't get along with the settings and handling of that camera. It is so not intuitive when using it "on the fly" without tripod.

Far too often i have to go into the menus, and it is exhausting. And while there is a lot of "logic" behind it - it just isn't intuitive. I think it is one of the worst menu implementations ever created. I really don't get along with the Fuji GFX 50s II camera menus and settings.

It is in my way constantly, and I feel like an elephant. Even elephants are more graceful in nature compared to how I feel with handling the menus and settings in a Fuji GFX 50s II camera. It is so clumsy and roundabout implemented... I really don't understand. Many button presses are kind of roundabout. Just to erase an images... my gosh, how many buttons and presses do you need to frikking erase just a simple image in a camera ?

No, it really sux. Not intuitive at all. Shame.

When I revert using the Canon EOS R6, or the Olympus OM-1, it feels like coming home. Especially with the Canon EOS R systems - it just works so much better in many ways. More intuitive.


Don't worry; I will LEARN to use it blindly

Nevertheless, i WILL learn the Fuji camera and its many odd quirks down to its very DNA !

Basta !!

I will not let it getting in my way. However, as i already "indicated" *harcle*... my learning process with this one, the Fujifilm GFX camera - is usual slow and roundabout (Yet, I have had many different camera models in my hand, even the quirky Sony A7s settings, and originally somewhat weird Olympus settings... and i am constantly SHIFTING between very different camera models - so talk about keeping everything in my brain - but it works. So, I don't think it is the lack of intelligence on my behalf.

But this one... the Fuji GFX... my god, what the fuck, folks - seriously ?!

- 179 -