Martina & Benedikt

So, last evening we had Martina and Benedikt over - which are really a lovely couple. Martina is a work colleague to Sal - and this lead to their visit into your home. Sal basically did everything; cleaning our home, and preparing for dinner (which was amazing by the way). Martina came with the dessert... oh mama mia, a dream cake made real pistachio...

Since i work night shit, i had of course to sleep during the day, but i shortened it to 4 hours - but didn't really participate in the preparations. Instead, I took care of all the dishes afterwards - making me feel as guilty that I didn't help Sal with the preparations *blushing*


Actually - it is sometimes fun to do the dishes.

It has a certain quality, while when you do mechanical, repetitive tasks, you can reflect deeper. I really appreciate that. I also know this from driving the subway at night. My inner being goes almost in a state of meditation. To me more like a deep reflecting, extremely honest state of being, in which i can reveal truth, which the ego mind often prevents one from seeing / understanding.

So, yeah. I do like doing the dishes *LOL* I didn't clean the dishes, just to please Sal, or to "wash" my conscience clean.

Just saying...




Flow of Energies between people

I find it interesting every single time, that when people come together over wine, chips and dinner and dessert... talking ,discussing exchanging... the flow of energy. What it does to the human spirit, as well to the body. The feeling behind the curtains, the dynamics that are in progress during the exchange... when people come together.

Not that I have the right words for it - but boy, there is a lot of stuff going on in dynamics. Often i get caught in it, can can't really put finger on it. But I notice, that i get happier, and more "bubbly", making me talk. Perhaps even too much ? At least I am not alone in that regard, because Sal, being a Sicilian - knows everything there when it comes to talking... with gestures. Well you know, South Europeans !!! I don't think I have to draw you a picture.

OK, enough about me.

It was really lovely to have Martina and Benedikt over for dinner. Overall, it is so fun to have people over - ever time, I realize. And now being together with Sal, this actually happens more often. Or what we have close friends over, visiting us form Sicily, or Sal's best friend Leti from Turino, often with one of her two daughters. Or her daughter and boyfriends came not long time ago to visit us this summer. It is really fun ! Lovely ! Inspiring.



Damn. I just lost the most important part I had written down... you know, getting into the flow, and bypassing the more shallow way of writing "casual". I had separated the Camera lens stuff, into a new entry on the next page - but in the process i lost what i had written more (above).


Well, gone is gone.


Oh, i forgot something else...

It was an unusual experience i had totally forgotten - which took place, right when Martina and Benedikt where at the door downstairs, and I had come down in order to take out the trash, as well buying milk at the nearest store.

As i saw them, i was struck by Martina's beauty - in the very light that was present outside the door. So, i greeted them, and went out - and then it had this weird sensations... kind of like faint, fleeting moments - as if I have lived this before... in an earlier life, at a time when i was old (in a similar age i am now)


A previous life lived...

But it is hard for me to pinpoint that in words - because it was both vague, and yet striking at the same time. Like a first chill of autumn, and you have lived your life, while you meet young friends, they beauty, and you have a string of memories from your own youth. There is a feeling in it like autumn. you revisit your memories of your own youth. You recognize the vital energy radiating from younger people, beautiful looking people - and realize that your own life is coming to an end.

It isn't about darkness, or loss. It is just the gentle wind that surrounds you, making you realize that you are now in the "last stage" of life. Even if it likely will still add another 30 years - but I got that hunch, that mild melancholia. And this peculiar feeling of "I have been here before... but in an earlier life". I have experienced this before, but not in this life.

It was really weird.


A faint, but distinct hunch...

I have never had a hunch of an earlier life I have lived. I may sometimes get a feeling that I have - but i often say it is likely my fantasy (and I've got a rich one, to be sure, placing myself into countless other ways, people, thoughts emulating others). But i never had a distinct feeling that I truly lived a situation in an earlier life.

This was the first time, I was able to pinpoint it (somewhat) to an experience i have encountered before - and it was NOT in this life.

Strange, isn't it. Albeit, it shouldn't be strange at all. If we only knew what our spirit knows in truth. Mama mia, I say ! It would rock our minds beyond comprehension - beyond anything we have ever fully understood...

Perhaps our human mind doesn't have the full capacity to even grasp what the spirit does... I suspect that the genetic structure of our DNA has been deliberately reduced to a minimal functioning state as of today (and in the past 308.000 years).

- 180 -