I am absolutely FURIOUS AND ANGRY

Now the deaths have risen to a whopping 7 people, among my friends, colleagues and people I knew (more or less, or was connected to).




was already in pension - but a truly healthy and vital woman - but died from turbo-cancer in her lungs - which then quickly spread into her brain. She had taken the (in truth) untested, experimental and genetic altering, modRNA Covid-19 injections, in order to travel to Thailand where she had a little house in order to enjoy her life in pension...

And now, she paid the price ... because health authorities and the whole frikkin ballet around with media, TV, and politicians said, it is for you protection. Despite the staggering deaths due to the lethal injections (20-30 million) and even more so got such severe injuries, who never get their former health back... (which goes into the 80-100 million now).

You think this is all normal, huh ? Boy did we sleep. I think not even the people during Second World 2 where this stupid, and that deep asleep. Who the fuck cares today, of that you have deaths and injuries exceeding 100+ million (from the beginning healthy) people ?


This is the part I do not understand...

How this could go on - without (mostly) a hitch - right in front of your wide open shut eyes.

I really feel serious contempt about my fellow citizens, the daily life people around me - about this insane lack of compassion. That nobody in my daily life even speaks about it - not even remotely.

It makes the words of fellow "brothers and sister" really feel tough to believe in, right now.

That authorities and the state can do nefarious things against human being - is one thing. But my fellow citizens showing not even the slightest interest in what has happened with deliberate death conducted by greed from the state, and it now continued to happen, which means more people will die from these injections


Given that 130 different modRNA "Vaccines" are soon to be released

onto the public as new products, for your "protection", as they already are in phase 2 and phase 3 trials... People will believe it is just ordinary "vaccines" - but in reality are based on the same, deadly, highly toxic platform they call mRNA. It does not matter what cargo you put into the modRNA platform - it is by design toxic - and millions of people get further damaged. Not to mention the fertility rates will plummet further, and the cancers will explode (they already have to extreme levels today).

Soon in your stores, hospitals and doctors offices.

Do you see the deep dark irony ?

I bet not.


4.3 billion people


And what did we ? We run into the synringes en masse.

4.3 billion people did so.


A 34 year old colleague

from our subway workspace, she got turbo breast cancer (but is still alive) at an healthy age of 34. She did take the shots... (3 i believe)

Similar like a colleague just a half year ago, same story. And the bad thing is, that those who have taken these genetic Covid-19 shots - and got cancer - in which the traditional (toxic) chemotherapy does often not work anymore ! These turbo cancers appear to be of a very different nature with different path mechanism, even the toxic chemotherapies don't work anymore.


Example: told from from a Hungarian Oncologist

I listened to the latest version of the Corona Investigative Committee (Berlin) the other day, about an interview with a Hungarian oncologist - who told his story and experience of what people suffer from when they come into his clinic, after having taken the Covid-19 shots. Some people's cancers came extremely fast, while others come in with strange forms of cancers 2 years after the genetic "vaccinations". Many also come in with cancers, that had healed 20 years ago - and all of the sudden popped up at the same spot, in a far more aggressive form, but also creating many metastases...


Tumor the size of a child's head - within 3 weeks

One patient, who came into the hospital with issues in his belly - but the doctors who performed all kinds of test - couldn't see anything strange going on. Same guy came in 3 weeks later - with a tumor the size of a baby's head. IN JUST THREE WEEKS !

When the investigative alternative media speaks of "Turbo-Cancer" - it is literally a question of highly aggressive, often lethal forms of cancer. Most people die from it, due to the fast development, and that mainstream "medicine" doesn't know how to treat it.

They change chemotherapy "every week" just to see if the patients respond to it (which they often don't do). Same happened with one of my colleagues, whose chemotherapy was changed every week... but nothing helped and she accepted her upcoming death and prepared herself together with the family for it (and stopped this experimental testing on her).

I know not a single person in my surroundings who died of "Covid" (and not mistreatment, which people often have died from but got labeled as 'Covid deaths', or other deaths which have nothing to do with Covid, but through the false PCR tests got labeled anyway as "Covid death").


7 People. 7 fully healthy lives. 7 deaths.

But i know now 7 people who died in my surrounding - within a mere 2.5 years - HEATHY PEOPLE and on top often younger than the natural age you would or could expect people to die naturally.

Most of my colleagues don't talk about this. My boss kind of ignores it too, albeit i mentioned it to him, he responded with silly ignorance, with an example of "he knew a guy who got his arm scraped, and died from sepsis". Kind of like saying; unusual deaths can happen.

But 7 deaths, within 2.5 years - within the radius of people in my own surrounding... most of them too young to be in a natural age to die - and on top of all this irony, is that 4 people have been my boss's colleagues.

How fucked does you brain have to be, not to see ? (Many it seems).


How many tomatoes does it take ?

How many tomatoes does one have to have on eyes, ears and mouth - until it hits you into the stomach, and you start to awaken to the fact, that our government encouraged a genocide though lethal injections - by calling them harmless, protective and good for you, as well "preventing a deadly disease" And most people also spoke with the same parroting arguments.

Everything, right in front of your wide open shut eyes.

Just image.

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