For casual photography, I absolutely love to use the Laowa Argus 28mm f 1.2 lens together with the Canon EOS R6 camera. It is a powerful combo in many ways - and the performance of the lens when used wide open - the soft mix between sharpness and softness - is simply superb. At least for what I do - it truly fits my type of "on-the-fly" photography.

So, "casual photography" doesn't necessarily mean bad photography. Of course it is more "shallow" in terms of that my mind and spirit are not really very long present with the motives i take pictures of. That's true. Perhaps that is what sometimes gives me the feeling of "not doing a good job", or "not enough". Well... it is also worth to remember - that I am not working for an agency or sell work - so, it doesn't really matter that much, what or how it do things...

I do however care a lot about what and how I work with images !


The flair of the Laowa Argus 28/1.2 lens

leaves a romantic, charming "fingerprint" in images when used at wide open aperture ƒ 1.2 - well, like in the main photo above, of the newly planted autumn flowers. They did a really good job this time, with the mix of colors. (Those were planted by our landlord organization/company).


The delight of people's flowers

I absolutely love to study the plants and flowers on my way home every morning. Many of the residents here, have put large effort into growing their own flowers. So, when springtime starts to kick in - it is a delight to the eyes. From there on, more and more different flowers popped up during summer.

Last morning, the little birds where having a concert. There seem to be a flock of birds who always live here all year long. This morning however, they were all located in a different tree - and it sounded simply divine... and happy


Not necessarily a bad thing

I may sometimes sound as if that type of "fly by" photography is a bad thing. Of course not. I don't really meant it that way. Many beautiful, interesting or even scurrilous things can be found that people left behind, or people have grown (such as flowers) which are worth to take a closer peek at. Or nature's work itself, showing off in so many different ways... making it interesting to see and photograph with open eyes.

I guess, every photographic style has its own place. It may not be a matter of "good and bad", but rather different. Of course, I enjoy very much,that when photos, regardless how they have been taken, have a certain level... an elevated level of quality, including good technical quality.

Straight out of the camera images, really don't do it for me. It was the same with analog film. The raw negative wasn't the final image.

It was done in the darkroom, by working with it on traditional photo paper. Which took a while of course - to get things the way I wished them to be.

And the same goes for digital images.

- 186 -