Oh wow - now I understand.

I heard about that the tiny Canon EF 40/2.8 pancake being a great performer on a Fuji GFX camera... and it truly is. The optical performance is great. Only in the most extreme corners, sharpness falls (when I tested at ƒ 7.1) - but the borders were excellent in every way. Also wide open it was very useful - because you couldn't really see any corner shading.

What a mightly lens.


No Fuji GFX IBIS with the Andoer EF-GFX adapter

With my Andoer EF-GFX adapter however, Fuji's internal IBIS doesn't seem to work - which is unfortunate. (Unless I did something to my settings, but this far i have not been able to enable IBIS in any way). When adapting Leica M lenses with a dumb adapter, then the in-house IBIS works.

I do not know if optical IS in an Canon EF lens, works - I still have to test that.

So in essence this far - I have to use Fuji GFX + Canon EF lenses like a non-IBIS camera. Well, like a "Leica M", or Canon EOS 6D. Which isn't the end of the world, really - and not a major problem for me personally. Canon EF lenses are not exactly the primary lenses I use for the Fujifilm GFX 50s II camera. But if one works well optically - it is an extra bonus.


The Finger Pro adapter

likely supports Fuji's IBIS with Canon EF lenses (so I have heard), but it is also 5x more expensive for me in Sweden. So, i chose the one that was affordable, but not erratic. I thought this was a wiser decision before throwing out major money on another adapter I benefit little from.


I love this tiny lens !

Really. I never thought it would perform in such a "big" way. Maybe i should say "it is a fun lens". Because of its neat size, it makes the Fujifilm GFX 50s turn into a small package, and play more with such an installment (compared to bigger lenses, or lenses that require much more attention in how you set the exact focus).


It is now a 32 mm f 2.8 lens

On a Fuji GFX it becomes a normal wide angle lens. Pretty cool, eh ?

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