It is pretty confusing - within a short time, suddenly having so many options, plus the kind I didn't even considered or counted on. Therefore - with all this sudden onset of photography, stuff and technical options - it is pretty confusing. And energy diluting


My first Priority

I still feel that my main purpose and interest is to explore the large, manual 6x7 lenses on the Fuji GFX together with the amazing Rotating Vertex converter, - creating large medium format images, as if I would have used 120-film with the 6x6 or 6x7 negative film format

That is where my hearts beats the most. To bring the old into the new - which I didn't think was possible. That, combined with a type of slow, gentle, calm photography, makes me feel good. It reconnects me to the 90s, in what i loved to do the most: using medium format cameras.

Doing all this digitally with the Vertex method, means - I have to use a tripod, and I have to use all manual settings on the camera. That is the only way to accomplish this type of photography emulating real 120-film in the size of 6x7. With the same look from the Pentax 6x7 lenses, as if i would use them on film with the hulk Pentax 67 II camera.


Everything else

in terms of how to take images with the Fuji GFX 50s II camera is for me... well, those options i have not yet truly explored, nor do I have any feeling that even "helps" me in my photography, or just "dilutes" me. Of course it is cool to use Canon EF lenses on a larger than fullframe 51 MP sensor... but I am not sure if I will really pursue that road. It is a secondary road.

Perhaps a studio photography road.


Plan B (Photo Studio)

If the Vertex method doesn't work in the photo studio (with people, who need to stand still quite some time), I may consider to use the Fuji GFX as a "one shot" camera instead. Like any camera albeit with a bigger sensor and a lot more megapixels available. Yet I do have to be very careful with the focus in order to get high quality images. Sloppiness in that regard will likely cost quality.

But you know what ? How about this...

One step at the time !

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