A summer which was stubborn like an old jar of coffee. Despite the abruptly bad weather in July, which ended high season summer from June 2023 - with almost record breaking sunshine hours made summer this year feel weird - despite the obsessive fear mongering of "climate change" and the utter garbage of "evidence" that is laid forth without even showing evidence... it didn't change the fact, that this summer was nothing to write home about, but rather having been unstable and chilly.

Only June was fantastic and utterly sunny !


Geraniums on our balcony whithered

And then in August - "summer" turned even more unstable, chilly (with some really cold nights at times) and a record breaking LACK of sunshine...

Several of my plants went bad, partially due to excessive rainfalls, but likely also because we used bad soil this year. The change from most beautiful flowers and plants in June - pokey and whithering state in the end of July and into August... the difference was startling. They looked in mid August as if it was beginning of November !


September 2023

on the other hand showed, that summer was not a thing of the past yet. Very stubbornly it resided throughout the entire month (especially from a meteorological point of view, which means autumn starts when the 24hours average temperature lies below 10°C, 5 days in a row. Which never happened (it usually happens around 23 September in Stockholm). Instead we got many warm days around 18-22°C, and mild nights, as if it was mid July in Stockholm.

Today, on the 29 September 2023 - we are still reaching up to 18°C in overcast weather. That is a very respectably mild/warm level so late in September, higher up in Scandinavia.

Yesterday we had 21°C - which is really high. Not quite a record, because that would have required the date of 1 or 2nd October, where the record is 20°C for Stockholm City. But we are still in the month of September, so it doesn't count.


Lovely mild to warm days in September, only half of the average rain, and a little more than normal average sunshine hours - and many "warm" nights, with minima often around 14-15°C - which is normal for July mornings.


This now ends (does it ?)

Autumn is already showing many signs in the trees ! Leafs have been falling for quite some time and start to accumulating. Brighter colors of yellow and red are now far more common to spot.

I think Summer 2023 has been very brave to extend this far into autumn here in Stockholm - and we have been very lucky. It could have gotten worse, after an already botched (July + August) summer.


The GFS outlook

- which always needs to be taken with lots of salt - calls for very mild weather in the upcoming 2 weeks, with a "chance" for almost 20°C later in October... *hm* It could happen - but they are notoriously changing their outlooks, more often than anyone changes underwear.

You have been warned *grin*



GFS' present calculations, look almost like a repetition of Oct 1995 in Stockholm, when on 9 Oct in Södertälje (outside of Stockholm) 21.3°C were reported (i am writing out of memory, so there could be slight errors).


4 Oct 1995
Stockholm all-time high record for October

Stockholm didn't reach 20.0°C that day in Oct 1995, and therefore didn't break it's record from 1+4 Oct 1985.

But I remember exactly that day back in the mid 80s. I was 19 years old - and called out my boyfriend Olle, to go out... and have coffee. To literally experience this unusual warm day outside. So, we sat at a café right across Åhlens in the city center. They had opened their large window... and there we sat and had coffee and cake - and i thought it was so exotic, to experience 20°C "high up in the north", in a month of October, that late into the year, while it felt as if it was summer.


From a Berlin boy perspective

You have to remember, I moved from Berlin to Stockholm in 1984 - and then realized that things were a lot colder and darker up here, especially outside of summer. Even summer often ended very early, where you already felt chilly in August, and even worse in September - without any warmth. Those summers in the mid 80s, where often chilly, record rainy, and some of the one of the worst on record [1986 + 1987] (chilly, lack of sunshine, lack of warm days, early endings already in August).

So, on that day in October 1985 - it felt like an exceptional, rare event to feel warmth in the air. Already the beginning of 1985, was bizarre cold in Stockholm... no wonder that Swedish people yearned for summers so eagerly. They where early out to travel to foreign countries, more than most Europeans went abroad, whenever they could (in the 70s and 80s).

The cold climate of the mid 80s, is nothing you want to come back - believe me !!


First snow on the ground: 3 Oct 1994

I remember the earliest snow cover I've ever experienced since I arrived in Stockholm 1984, was in the early morning of 3 Oct 1994 in the morning hours around 03.00. It was already gone by 08.00, when SMHI officially measures snow depths. So, it isn't officially registered to have happened.

I am a night owl - therefore i covered that unusual early snow event in photos.

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