When Evil committed is so large, it becomes invisible. (As people don't believe it, or can't see though the veil of deception)

When a nation uses nuclear weapons against Scandinavia and Germany, which it sees as "allies", and all the European Governments as well media unison keep totally silent about - you must wonder, if it isn't an Evil Empire that rules the Clown Scene of Deceptions.

While we willingly give up our freedoms, democracy and cheer to those, who in reality committed once again - the most sinister act a nation can commit. As if Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren't enough.

No, let's punch it again, and be called heroes, friends and allies and "Bringing democracy".

How much are US and Israel about democracy really ? I mean seriously ?
It is by their fruits, you shall know their true nature.



Dirk Pohlmann and Jimmy Dore brief the United Nations
about the 2022 Nord Stream pipeline sabotage

"The Western governments are silent even as the US says through anonymous sources that Ukraine is responsible for the North Stream Pipeline attack, but they won't blame them publicly. And so the United States continues to arm Ukraine to the teeth in hopes of extending the war and avoid peace. The Germans say it's Ukraine but will not release their official investigation and will not make an announcement.

The final obscenity is the people in the West who claim to be environmentalists and claim to care about climate change and the environment say nothing about the worse release of methane gas in human history, but in fact whose actions reveal they don't actually care about climate change and continue to support this war and its eco-terrorism. In a bizarre twist, even Greta Thunberg travelled to Ukraine to meet with Zelenksyy after the Nord Stream Bombing"

Dirk Pohlmann is a German journalist, author, screenwriter, director and producer of more than 20 historical documentaries for Arte, ARD and ZDF. He was a manager of CargoLifter World and ArtemiFlow, producer of Artemisinin. Dirk Pohlmann is the editor-in-chief of Free21, a German Political Blog and journal. Since 2004, Pohlmann has increasingly focused on intelligence operations during the Cold War and after.

James Dore is an American stand-up comedian, political commentator/theorist, and is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedic political talk show on YouTube.

In case the video dissapears, here is a link at Rumble instead.



2 • The Evidence

put forth by Presentation by independent Professor in Physics, PhD in Theoretical Physics and Material Sciences Benjamin Brown
in english language


"Nordstream Bomb was not 0.000125 kt TNT equivalent but 2.5kt TNT equivalent. It was a "mini2-nuke"



3 • PODCAST • Dr. Hans-Benjamin Braun & Dirk Pohlman

July 2023 • in english

On today's show, Was Nordstream blown up with a mini-nuke? Dr. Hans-Benjamin Braun, until last year professor of physics, is another bombshell interview on the Dirk Pohlmann Show. The Swiss born physicist with a long list of highly quoted publications and additional degrees in mathematics and geology has published a big hypothesis which needs big proof. Prof. Braun is convinced 7 sets of measurement data (e.g. seismological, water temperature, isotopes in the air) he obtained from public sources can only be interpreted as proof of the use of an underwater thermonuclear device of 1-3 kilotons yield.


Hans-Benjamin Braun has a PhD in Theoretical Physics at ETH in Zurich that he earned in 1991. His undergraduate degree was in mathematics and physics from the University of Basel (Switzerland). After postdoctoral research at the Physics Department and the Center for Magnetic Recording Research at the University of California at San Diego he was awarded a NSERC International Fellowship to work at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver (Canada). Subsequently he returned to Switzerland to take up a position as Senior Scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

He joined the Faculty of the School of Physics at University College Dublin (UCD) in 2004, where he founded and led the group in Condensed Matter Theory supported by the Science Foundation of Ireland. Prof. Braun developed the theory for nonuniform thermally activated magnetisation reversal in nanowires which now forms the basis for the design of perpendicular magnetic recording media. Well before it was recognized experimentally, he theoretically predicted quasi one-dimensional behavior in magnetic nanowires and he introduced the now widely used notion of domain wall chirality.

His work led to the prediction of the spontaneous emergence of spin currents in quantum spin chains, an effect that he and his collaborators subsequently observed via spin polarised neutron scattering. Furthermore he proposed and interpreted a series of experiments on nanolithographic arrays that led to the discovery of emergent monopoles in artificial spin ice together with colleagues from PSI and UCD. In addition to numerous publications in top research journals he also authored popular articles for the French and German versions of Scientific American and he holds two patents.  



We really got shit right into our brains

and I have no words for such evil being rolled out right in front of our noses - again and again - exactly in the same way it was done with the Corona Plandemic, as well 9/11 - in order to spread evil further though war and deception. Not to mention the lies in order to start wars, such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. Vietnam and many more. False flag events which gave them the "go" to kill millions. And what did we ? Most of our governments supported the shit. 90% of US existence, the country has been in budy with wars.


That's democracy, huh ?

And now they used nuclear weapons in the water of Scandinavia. And our Swedish establishment + govs want to give up 250 years of peace in our country in order to go into NATO. The same entity who started illegal wars in Europe. And does it again now, only thaat we blame the other partinstead, and pay hundreds of billions in money and weapons. And the dark elite laughs all the way to the banks.


We bought all those lies about freedom and democracy, over and over again.


We refuse to see evil in the eye.
We blame others, often the wrong ones instead.

Not even the use of nuclear weapons made us wake up. Not even the deaths of 30 million healthy people who took the experimental genetic injections, the 100+ severely injured who got their lives destroyed - who now can't get their former health back, and on top of theh humiliation - lack support from the officials and doctors... as they don't "recognize" the injuries coming from the genetic injections.

All done, under the umbrella of "safety, protection and health".

Don't you see ?

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